Help Defeat Assembly Bill 449!

AB-449 from Assemblywoman Amy Paulin would force law abiding gun owners to wait TEN DAYS before we could buy a rifle or a shotgun. And with pistol permits taking months or years to obtain, this means that you or someone you care about could be helpless to stop a violent criminal bent on robbery, rape, or murder! 

These people hate gun owners like you and me, and they are more than happy to write and pass legislation that protects violent criminals at our expense.

But insiders report that Paulin and her ilk want Republican support for this legislation, to allow them to pass it claiming bi-partisan support. And that means that we can still stop this bill with enough grassroots opposition!

So take action right away! Sign your petition against AB-449 today, so the politicians in Albany know that you are 100% opposed to this bill, and watching their actions very closely! 

Then become a member of the NYS Firearms Association, by going here!