We Must Defeat AB-412 or Young Women Won’t Be Able to Defend Themselves!

As violent crime explodes across New York State due to the radical Left’s Bail Reform disaster and the thousands of violent criminals they released from prison last year, politicians in Albany are pushing AB-412/S-476, which makes it a crime to touch a gun before you are 21!

If your daughter or granddaughter used a firearm to stop a rapist or a home invader, she would be facing CRIMINAL CHARGES! 

Far from stopping crime, this bill is a dream come true for violent criminals looking to prey on young women!

Help us defeat this legislation! Sign your petition against this legislation now, so the politicians in Albany know that you are 100% opposed to this bill and will hold anyone who votes for it accountable at election time! 

And then join the NYS Firearms Association as a member, and become a part of New York State’s most effective gun rights organization!