Defeat Mandated Liability Insurance for Gun Owners!

With violent crime exploding in New York State, thanks to the Radical Left’s Bail Reform nightmare and the thousands of violent criminals that he released from prison last year.

Pistol permits are being issued at record numbers in parts of the state, but that would end if the legislature passes A-581, a bill that would mandate civil liability insurance before you could buy a handgun! 

Make no mistake, this bill is DESIGNED to make it impossible for you to ever buy or carry a handgun again!

Help us defeat this legislation! Use this platform to send your PRE-WRITTEN email to your elected officials in Albany, telling that them you are 100% opposed to this bill and will hold anyone who votes for it accountable at election time! 

And then join the NYS Firearms Association as a member, and become a part of New York State’s most effective gun rights organization!