Don’t Let Cuomo End School Trap/Safety Shooting Programs! Sign Your Petition Now!

Over 75 school districts across New York State offer trap shooting and firearm safety programs, which provide a great way for young people to learn basic firearms safety. Now, Governor Cuomo and his America-hating zealots are trying to pass A-01007, legislation that would force school districts to shut down these vital programs!

This is being done for one reason: to try to sever the connection between gun owners and their children, as Governor Cuomo does everything he can to turn our wonderful state into a socialist nightmare.

But with 2020 being an election year, we may still be able to stop this!

Stand with us, fight back, sign your petition against this legislation right away, so your lawmaker knows what you expect of them!

And if you’re not already a member of the New York State Firearms Association, please go to and get signed up today!