Fight Back Against Cuomo’s Mental Health Gun Control Bill! Email Your Lawmakers NOW!

America-hating politicians like Governor Cuomo, Senator Sanders, and almost a dozen other lawmakers in Albany are doing everything they can to force law abiding gun owners to submit to a government-sanctioned mental health check as a condition of buying a gun!

These are the same tactics that have been used by Communist dictators in the former Soviet Union and China to punish political opponents going back for almost 100 years!

But to thugs like Senator Sanders, that’s exactly what gun owners are, political opponents to be attacked and harassed.

These out of control freaks are not going to stop attacking us. Stand up and fight back using the forms that we have provided for you!

The system is automated, allowing you to email, call, Tweet and even leave a video message for your lawmakers in Albany, all with just a few keystrokes on your phone or a few clicks of your mouse!

Please take action today, and then become a member of the NYS Firearms Association at!