Gun Control Bills are Moving Fast — Help Us Shut Them Down!

With the session winding down in Albany, the communist-wing of the legislature is working overtime to pass four major gun control bills before adjournment. Some of their priority bills have already passed through committee and are headed to the floor!

But Kathy Hochul’s poll numbers are in the mid-30’s — the lowest in her history — and insiders believe that that the entire State Senate may flip during the upcoming midterms as gun owners push back against the Democrats agenda in Albany! 

Now vulnerable politicians are scared that passing gun control bills will cost them their majorities in Albany. We can defeat their gun control agenda if gun owners can FLOOD the legislature with opposition to these bills!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION opposing Kathy Hochul’s effort to pass major gun control before adjournment! 

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the New York State Firearms Association so we can keep fighting for you in Albany and in D.C.! Get involved at!