Oppose Every Single Piece of Hochul’s Gun Control Agenda!

Whereas: The Buffalo killer benefiting from New York’s already heinous gun control laws while murdering 10 people in a grocery store just two weeks ago, knowing that the chances he would be stopped by a concealed carrier was almost zero; and

Whereas: Despite that, Kathy Hochul and dozens of America-hating politicians in Albany want to use this tragedy to advance the worst gun control agenda in the nation; and

Whereas: These bills (A-7771, S. 1605, A-449, S-8164 and more) are designed to disarm law abiding gun owners here in New York State, not stop dangerous criminals; and

Whereas: The 2022 midterm elections are coming up fast, and based on all of the polling data available, the State Senate and Kathy Hochul are already in hot water.

Therefore: As your constituent, I insist you ‘VOTE NO’ on these bills. If you don’t, the NYS Firearms Association and other gun owners will hold gun grabbers accountable at election time — potentially costing Senate Democrats their entire majority!