Tell Cuomo to Leave 80% Lowers Alone — Sign Your Petition NOW!

Our America-hating Governor, Andrew Cuomo, hates law abiding gun owners like you and he is determined to do everything he can to disarm you or turn you into a criminal!

After creating the epidemic of violent crime that is devouring New York State by releasing thousands of violent criminals out of prison last year, and allowing countless to be released through his ‘bail reform’ disaster, Cuomo and the socialists in Albany want  to put you in prison for the ‘crime’ of building a firearm at home using an ‘80% lower.’

These popular kits allow gun owners to make specialty firearms at a fraction of the cost of buying one at a gun store, and require special tools, skills, and knowledge to complete.

That’s why it’s absolutely asinine for Governor Cuomo to allege that these guns are being used by large numbers of criminals to carry out violent attacks!

But that’s not stopping the Governor and the radical socialists in Albany from trying to pass S-14, AB-613, or S-13. Take action TODAY!

Fight back against this legislation today. Sign your petition against it now, so the politicians in Albany know that you are watching them and what you expect them to do!

Please take action today, and then become a member of the NYS Firearms Association at