Tell the Politicians in Albany to Support Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Andrew Cuomo’s Bail Reform disaster, combined with his insane policy of freeing violent criminals in response to the Covid-19 situation, has loosed thousands of violent criminals onto our streets and has lead to an explosion of violent crime! 

Despite this, New York state law forces innocent citizens to retreat from an armed attacker before we can defend ourselves, even in our own homes! What’s more, the law allows violent criminals to bankrupt you through expensive civil suits, even though they attacked you first! 

Stand-Your-Ground legislation (S-3718/A-05256) would end all of that, by allowing gun owners to defend themselves in any place they are lawfully allowed to be, without having to first retreat! Thirty six states have this law on the books today, but not New York.

This bill had a dozen cosponsors in Albany last session, before Covid-19 effectively shut the legislature down and is now being sponsored again by Assemblyman DiPietro and Senator Ortt! 

Help us build support for this legislation! Sign your petition today, demanding that your Senator and Assemblyman in the Capitol cosponsor this legislation in 2021! When you’re done, send this petition to every gun owner you know.

And please consider becoming a member of the NYS Firearms Association, by going here