Tell State Lawmakers to Oppose Every Piece of Cuomo’s Gun Control Agenda in 2020!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his cast of America-hating radical socialists want to obliterate the Second Amendment rights of every single law abiding New Yorker….while allowing violent criminals to get out of jail without even having to post a bond!

But elections are coming in 2020, and President Trump is on the top of the ticket!

Vulnerable Albany insiders are growing scared…scared that they may pay the price for backing Cuomo’s radical gun control agenda over the last few years.

That’s why they need to hear from you RIGHT NOW! Take a moment to contact your lawmakers, using the forms we’ve prepared for you. Remind them that they work for you, not conference leaders in Albany or the Governor, and that you expect them to VOTE NO on any gun control bill that comes up in 2020!

The last thing Albany insiders want to deal with is pressure from their districts…now is the time to pour on the pressure!

Make your voice heard by email, Twitter, phone calls and video messages using our advocacy system and then become a member of the NYS Firearms Association at!