Tell Your Lawmakers to Repeal the SAFE-ACT!

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his America-hating socialist pased the SAFE-ACT in the middle of the night, and in the years that have followed, the only people who have benefitted are violent criminals who ignore the law and continue to attack law abiding citizens. 

Andrew Cuomo has no idea how many rounds of ammo we’ll need to defend our families. He has no right to tell us that we don’t need an Ar-15 to defend our loves ones with. And his database of gun owners is only going to be used to confiscate firearms, if Cuomo ever had the chance.

Sadly, moderate Republicans voted for the bill back in 2013, and are refusing to even try to repeal this legislation now — only emboldening Cuomo to push for even more radical gun control. 

We’re in a war with radical socialism and we need to fight back! Stand with us, sign your petition telling your lawmakers to support a repeal of the SAFE ACT!