Hochul Wants a Massive Tax on Ammo in NY!

While gun owners will be battling against Kathy Hochul’s 2022 gun control bill for a long time in light of the Bruen decision, the freedom-hating Leftists in Albany are pushing new legislation that will likely pass court scrutiny.

Hochul’s allies are pushing a bill that would mandate a massive new tax on every round of ammunition sold in New York State! If this bill is the same as prior drafts, we’ll see the cost of .22 ammo double — and a $.05 tax hike on every round of center-fire ammo sold in NY!

We all know how hard it has been to find ammo to buy over the last few years. And what ammo we could find, cost a fortune. If this bill passes, it will be impossible to find/buy ammo.

This is all part of Hochul’s agenda to disarm gun owners in New York State. Like every tyrant in history, she wants a society where only the government (and criminals) have firearms!

Worst of all, this legislation would very likely be deemed constitutional if it passes, meaning it would be highly unlikely to get it overturned in court!

Help us fight back. SIGN YOUR OFFICIAL PETITION opposing this legislation today so that your State Senator and Assemblyman knows that you expect them to oppose this, and every other gun control bill that comes up this session!

Once you have, please chip in a donation of $5, $10, or $17.76 to help NYSFA mobilize HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners across the state to fight alongside of us and oppose this massive attack on our right to keep and bear arms!