Crush Kathy Hochul’s Ammo Tax!

Ammo is already next to impossible to find here in New York State. But the communist left in Albany is trying to make it far worse, with new legislation (S-8415/A-9563) that would increase the taxes you pay on ammunition by a stunning $.05 per round!

This money would then be used to fund hyper-leftist ‘research’ about the causes of ‘gun violence’ that would only result in the politicians in Albany pushing for even more insane gun control schemes!

Did the legislature tax BLM rioters in 2020, to study the reasons for why they rioted, looted, and burned their way across New York State?  Did they tax left wing organizations who successfully pushed legislation that did away with New York’s bail system, to study its disastrous aftermath? Of course not!

These people hate you, they hate the Second Amendment, and they are determined to do everything they can to make it impossible for gun owners to find ammunition in this state. But it’s an election year, and even some Democrats in Albany are nervous about pushing this.

Please use our automated platform to send your OFFICIAL PETITION to your State Senator and State Assemblyman, telling them to ‘VOTE NO’ on this trash legislation that is a slap in the face of every law-abiding gun owner in New York State!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the New York State Firearms Association so we can keep fighting for you in Albany and in D.C.! Get involved at!