Chip in $10

Help Us Defeat A-3314/S-6033!

Kathy Hochul’s next goal is to force gun owners to carry one million dollars of civil liability insurance as a requirement for buying a firearm! And since this insurance coverage is illegal to sell in NYS, passage of A-3314/S-6033 would effectively disarm New Yorkers!

Only an evil tyrant would push for legislation like this.

This bill won’t stop murderers or rapists.

It will only make it harder for me to defend my family from these vicious thugs.

It’s just another slap in the face from our tyrannical Governor, who has already done more damage to our gun rights (and our state) than Andrew Cuomo ever did.

The bill has been assigned to committee and could have a hearing soon. But this is an election year, so we may still be able to defeat this garbage bill!

Help us do that by sending this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Assemblyman insisting that they ‘VOTE NO’ on this or any other bill that tries to create another roadblock for law abiding gun owners. When you’re done, join the NYSFA!

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