Chip in $10

Hochul’s 10-Day Waiting Period Bill is Deadly!

With violent crime spiking all over the state, and Rochester having a higher violent crime rate than even Chicago, Kathy Hochul should be on bended knee apologizing for her liberal policies that have harmed so many New Yorkers!

Instead, she’s pushing A-4261 in Albany, legislation which would force gun owners in NY State to wait 10 days to buy a firearm or face criminal charges.

This legislation is blatantly unconstitutional, and it flies directly in the face of Bruen.

A-4261 is just another slap in the fact to law abiding gun owners. It will make it harder for women to stop a rapist, a homeowner to stop a home invasion, any New Yorker to prevent a violent predator from attacking them on the street, and on it goes!

Help us defeat this legislation before it’s too late!

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against A. 4261 so your Senator and Assemblyman know that you expect them to kill this bill!

And when you’re done, please make a donation of $100, $50, $25 or just $17.76 so that NYSFA can mobilize as many gun owners as possible to help us crush this legislation!