Stand-Your-Ground Saves Lives!

Anti-gun federal prosecutors, empowered by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, want to go after law-abiding Americans for standing their ground in the face of a violent attack!

Congressman Gaetz and Senator Mullins’s Stand-Your-Ground legislation  would completely overhaul America’s self-defense laws and provide vital protections for law abiding gun owners by:

>>> Stating that the American people have the right to use deadly force to stop a predator before he can carry out a violent crime that could result in ‘great bodily harm’ or death.

>>> Extending these protections to gun owners who are justified in threatening to use force, but don’t have to use it. In many cases (think Mark McCloskey in Missouri) criminals run away when they see their target is armed. The law should cover you in that case.

>>> Clarifying that a gun owner who is forced to defend himself or another innocent person may do so without having to retreat first. Without this language, you could wind up facing the same felony charges that Kyle Rittenhouse did!  

>>> Limiting who can use Stand-Your-Ground law as an affirmative defense to those who are not engaged in criminal activity and who are legally present at the time of the use of force, ensuring that criminals can’t use this law as cover in court. 

We shouldn’t need a law like this. The criminal justice system should protect innocent people who are forced to defend themselves, while they work to imprison violent criminals. But these days, it works in reverse. That’s why we need a national Stand-Your-Ground law!

Sign your petition SUPPORTING this legislation and telling your Congressman to fight for the Second Amendment by co-sponsoring this bill!

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