Co-Sponsor Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Petition to the Members of the New York State Assembly and Members of the New York State Senate

Violent crime is spiking out of control thanks to Kathy Hochul’s bail reform laws and the insane gun control laws that law abiding New Yorkers are forced to live under; and

Whereas: Under current law in New York State, gun owners like me can be criminally prosecuted or bankrupted in civil court for defending ourselves against a violent criminal; and

Whereas: Law-abiding gun owners here in New York should be able to exercise their God-given right to self-defense without fear of facing baseless prosecutions or frivolous civil suits, just like gun owners in thirty-seven other states can; and

Whereas: Stand-Your-Ground law would simply state that a gun owner like me could use justifiable force, without having to retreat from any place that I am lawfully present; and

Therefore: As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to cosponsor the Stand-Your-Ground legislation (A-5433/S-1120) that Assemblyman DiPietro and Senator Borrello have filed! The NYS Firearms Association will keep me informed about the status of this bill.

And after you sign your petition, please chip in $10, $17.76, or $25 to help us mobilize gun owners from all over the state into supporting national Stand-Your-Ground law!