Tell Your Rep to VOTE NO on These Three Bills or Pay the Price!

Whereas: The Bruen decision was crystal clear: ALL future gun control laws need to show that they comply with the historical use of firearms in this country; and

Whereas: A-3855 would require that I pass a Soviet-styled mental health exam (and a drug test) every time I want to buy a rifle or a shotgun; and

Whereas: A-1355 would limit my ability to buy ammunition for my firearms to no more than two times the capacity of my firearms every 120 days; and

Whereas: A-3585 would force me to obtain civil liability insurance before I can carry a handgun for self-defense, when we all know that no insurance underwriter will ever provide this coverage, effectively ending concealed carry in New York State!

Therefore: As your constituent, I insist you ‘VOTE NO’ on these bills and the rest of the gun control agenda in Albany this session. They violate Bruen. They violate the Second Amendment. And I’ll vote against anyone who votes for them.

Once you have signed your petition, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize TENS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners in every corner of New York to fight alongside of us!