A Felony for Buying More Than 60 Round of Ammo!

Not content with forcing New Yorkers to suffer under the worst gun control laws in America, the politicians in Albany are out with a horrendous attack on gun owners, S. 314.

  1. 314, being pushed by Senator Roxanne Persaud and others in the legislature, would make you a FELON for life for buying more than 60 rounds of ammo every four months for any ‘assault weapon!’

Of course, the term assault weapon in New York is so broad, and so widely misunderstood by the government officials who are supposed to enforce it that there is lots of confusion surrounding what an assault weapon means.

For purposes of S. 314, anyone who has a legally registered AR-15/AK-47 styled rifle from before the SAFE ACT, or for anyone who has bought a SAFE ACT compliant rifle since that time (featuring a pinned mag,) you would be limited to buying 60 rounds of ammunition for that firearm every four months!  

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This is the sort of garbage laws that you would expect to see in a banana belt military dictatorship, or a failed-state somewhere in the Middle East. To even see this bill introduced here in New York State is outrageous.

Of course, as we all know, this bill wouldn’t do anything to stop violent crime, as the criminals would simply ignore this law like they ignore the other gun control laws that we have on the books in New York State!

Senator Persaud knows this, but she doesn’t care.

This bill wasn’t drafted to stop criminals. No, Persaud and the rest of the crazy socialists here in Albany are looking for any way possible to demonize, harass, and imprison law abiding gun owners like you and me!

That’s why violating S. 314 is a Class E FELONY, which comes with a seven-year jail sentence if you are convicted! 

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If Senator Persaud was serious about trying to stop the skyrocketing violent crime rate that New York State is dealing with right now, she could work to repeal the Bail Reform disaster law from last year, or ask Gov. Cuomo to re-incarcerate the violent criminals that he released from prison last year.

But she won’t do that.

That’s because like a growing number of the members of the New York Legislature, Senator Persaud is there to protect violent killers, rapists, and thieves — not law abiding citizens like you and me.

But there are still members of the Democratic conference who are nervous about passing bills like S. 314, who remember what happened to former Senators Metzger and Martinez last election cycle after gun owners learned about their support for gun control.

And they don’t want to pass this legislation, especially if gun owners all across the State of New York are watching this bill!

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When you are done, please send this email to every gun owner you know in the state! Urge them to sign their petition as well, so that their politicians know where they stand.

And, finally, please consider a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 — or any other amount — so that we can continue to inform New Yorkers about these threats to their freedoms!

We can’t give up, and we can’t give in.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on us.

So please take action — and then make a donation TODAY.


For Freedom, 

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The latest attack on your gun rights in Albany, S. 314, would send you to the state penitentiary for SEVEN YEARS for the ‘crime’ of buying more than 60 rounds of ammo every 4 months for many popular firearms!

This insane bill won’t stop a single criminal. It was never intended to. Its only purpose is to attack law-abiding gun owners!

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