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Happy Independence Day from NYSFA!

  Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of the New York State Firearms Association! On this day, 244 years ago, our nation adopted its Declaration of Independence, telling England that we were done being their puppet and would be our own sovereign nation. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons, fearing all-out war with

Gun Rationing in H.R. 5717!

  With all that has been going on in our state (and our country as a whole) over the last month, sales of firearms and ammunition have been skyrocketing! It’s easy to see why. It seems like every hour brings more concerning news about the Coronavirus and the state and federal government’s reaction to it. That’s one of the things that makes America the most incredible country on earth; the

Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in D.C.

While America is on lock down across the country, radical socialists in Washington, D.C. are working overtime to advance the biggest gun control bill that I’ve seen in the 12 years that I have been fighting for gun rights! You might think that with the Dow plummeting 35% percent in the last month and with America facing the potential of 20% unemployment in the coming weeks, that these people would

Why Civil Immunity is So Important to Gun Owners!

Stand-Your-Ground legislation is getting gun owners fired up all across the state! Already almost half of the Republican Senate conference have added their name as cosponsors on our bill, and we have just had the bill introduced in the Assembly as well. As you’ll remember, this legislation is wildly popular across the country and is already law in thirty-six states. The Stand-Your-Ground law that we have drafted would remove any

Stand-Your-Ground Legislation Filed in Albany!

It’s time that gun owners in New York State go on offense. For years, gun owners and the organizations that supposedly fought for them in Albany have been reacting to what Governor Cuomo and his socialist allies in Albany have said or done. By doing that — by never going on the offensive and taking the fight to Cuomo’s radicals in Albany –- those organizations surrendered the playing field and

Mandated Mental Heath Evaluations to Buy a Gun?

  While hundreds upon hundreds of violent criminals are being released back onto the streets thanks to his ‘Bail Reform Bill’ last year, America-hating Governor Cuomo is launching another attack against law abiding New Yorkers. And folks, this one is as nasty as they come! SB-7065, being sponsored by Senator Sanders, would mandate that every gun owner in the state submit to a mental health evaluation before you could buy

New York State Firearms Association

It’s no secret that gun grabbers in Albany are some of the most arrogant people that you’ll ever meet in your life. (At least, until they are drug off to jail for corruption, but that’s another story.) They do everything they can to ignore gun owners in their districts and are well known for passing gun control bills in the middle of the night or advancing legislation through both chambers

Merry Christmas from the NYS Firearms Association

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We mention family often in our emails and direct mail updates to our members and supporters because, after all, that’s the whole point of this organization -– preserving and defending the Second Amendment for the next generation! Our forefathers fought and died to make sure that we would have the ability

Cuomo to Gun Owners: Surrender Your Social Media Accounts!

Less than three weeks! We’re less than three weeks away from the start of the 2020 session of the New York State legislature, and if you think that maybe Governor Cuomo and his America-hating cronies have done enough to attack our gun rights, I’ve got bad news. Far from easing off, sources indicate that Governor Cuomo will be working overtime to cram every gun control law he can think of

Are You In or Out?

If you forgot to complete your membership renewal forms for 2020, I hope that you’ll take a moment to do so IMMEDIATELY! With everything that we are facing in 2020 –- from the war we’ll be in with socialist gun-grabbers in Albany who want to crush our freedoms, to the election programs that we need to run to expose vulnerable anti-gun lawmakers — I am counting on you! In the