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Happy Independence Day from NYSFA!

  Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of the New York State Firearms Association! On this day, 244 years ago, our nation adopted its Declaration of Independence, telling England that we were done being their puppet and would be our own sovereign nation. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons, fearing all-out war with

Stand-Your-Ground Legislation Filed in Albany!

It’s time that gun owners in New York State go on offense. For years, gun owners and the organizations that supposedly fought for them in Albany have been reacting to what Governor Cuomo and his socialist allies in Albany have said or done. By doing that — by never going on the offensive and taking the fight to Cuomo’s radicals in Albany –- those organizations surrendered the playing field and

New York State Firearms Association

It’s no secret that gun grabbers in Albany are some of the most arrogant people that you’ll ever meet in your life. (At least, until they are drug off to jail for corruption, but that’s another story.) They do everything they can to ignore gun owners in their districts and are well known for passing gun control bills in the middle of the night or advancing legislation through both chambers

Elmira Home Invasion Stopped by Mother of Four With Her Shotgun!

While Gov. Cuomo and his cronies in Albany work overtime to totally disarm gun owners in New York State, an Elmira woman’s recent ordeal highlights the need for gun owners to fight against gun control with everything we have. Police in Elmira report that 33-yr-old Jason Lopez, a convicted felon who has previously served five years in the Upstate Correctional Facility in Malone, broke into a home in the 500