City & County Legislation

Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in D.C.

While America is on lock down across the country, radical socialists in Washington, D.C. are working overtime to advance the biggest gun control bill that I’ve seen in the 12 years that I have been fighting for gun rights! You might think that with the Dow plummeting 35% percent in the last month and with America facing the potential of 20% unemployment in the coming weeks, that these people would

Stand-Your-Ground Legislation Filed in Albany!

It’s time that gun owners in New York State go on offense. For years, gun owners and the organizations that supposedly fought for them in Albany have been reacting to what Governor Cuomo and his socialist allies in Albany have said or done. By doing that — by never going on the offensive and taking the fight to Cuomo’s radicals in Albany –- those organizations surrendered the playing field and