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Now that Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James have run the NRA out of New York State forever, state level gun rights organizations like the NYS Firearms Association need to be ready, because they may come after us next

No, we’ve not done anything wrong, other than fight like hell to stop Andrew Cuomo’s war on gun owners and our great Second Amendment in Albany this year.  

But ever since Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, bogus personal allegations and ‘cancel culture’ tactics have become so engrained in the gun-grabbers playbook, it has become part of their standard practice.

And that’s why I am writing you today, to ask you to fill out the three-question New York State Firearms Association Member Ballot!

Will you please fill it out RIGHT AWAY?

When I first got involved in the fight to defend the Second Amendment, I never believed that things like this could happen in America — even amongst bitter political enemies.

But all of that has changed now.

Empowered with the results of last year’s elections, the crazed socialists who are running the show here in Albany would happily use the power of the state to silence gun rights organizations like ours, even if they have to lie to do it.

And that goes doubly true for the New York State Firearms Association, the state’s leading voice for gun owners, and the primary reason why so much of Andrew Cuomo’s gun control agenda died in committee this session!

You see, NYSFA members FLOODED the Capitol with hundreds of thousands of emails and countless phone calls in opposition to the gun control bills that we filed in Albany this session.

By applying the grassroots pressure of so many gun owners into their Senator and Assemblyman’s office, we reminded them that they would have to answer for any votes they cast against our gun rights! That’s how we were able to stop dangerous legislation like:

>>> AB-412/SB-476; which would make it a CRIMINAL OFFENSE for anyone under the age of 21 to possess/shoot a firearm for any reason other than hunting.

This garbage would make your 20-yr old daughter a criminal for shooting a home invader bent on rape with one of your handguns. Your 19-year old son, home on leave from the Marines Corp would be a criminal for going target shooting!    

>>> AB-581/SB-7066; which would force you to obtain liability insurance before you could be issued a permit to buy a pistol. And to be clear, it’s ILLEGAL to sell this insurance in the state of NY.

No insurance company in the country would offer blanket liability insurance to gun owners; the political and financial risks are incalculable. This bill is designed to stop the purchase of ALL handguns in New York State!

>>> AB-449/SB-1235; which would make you a criminal for buying any firearm in the state, without submitting to a ten-day waiting period first.

This terrible legislation was passed by the State Senate, but died in the Assembly this year, after a massive amount of pressure from gun owners. But this fight is certain to resume next session.

>>> SB-1605/AB-3829; which would require gun owners to submit to a mental health test with a government appointed phycologist each time you buy a firearm!

This filth comes straight out of the 20th Century. Stalin, Hitler, Mao and many other dictators labeled their political opposition as ‘mentally defective’ and disarmed them, relocated them, and murdered them using that as a justification!

NYSFA members defeated every single one of these bills, and that’s why I am fully expecting a bogus legal attack to land on my desk at any moment.

The radical left is determined to pass all of these gun control bills next session, but to do that, they need to silence organizations like the NYS Firearms Association.

And if we aren’t prepared for these attacks, the New York State Firearms Association may be forced to spend critical time and money defending against these ridiculous attacks –- time and money that I would much sooner spend fighting against gun control! 

But as it stands right now, I do not have the funds to fight back against the gun-grabbers’ legal assaults — AND prepare for the gun control battle that I know we’ll be facing next year — at the same time. 

The New York State Firearms Association will be a sitting duck unless I can fix this problem — FAST.

I’m sure you can see why Governor Cuomo and his crazed allies would prefer that New York State’s only ‘No Compromise’ gun rights organization be ensnared in a costly and lengthy bogus ethics charge or similar situation.

The last thing they want is for a rapidly growing grassroots army of gun owners to continue to stand together and block their agenda next session — and expose the weakest caucus members during the 2022 election cycle!

And that’s EXACTLY what we are working toward here at the New York State Firearms Association.

We are actively building the largest social media platforms in New York State political history, to expose Cuomo’s agenda and give gun owners the ammo they need to take action in real time!

We are also building the largest email list of gun owners in New York State political history, so that we can put pressure on lawmakers in targeted districts.

And the powerhouse direct mail program that we are growing every single day means that we can communicate with and mobilize gun owners without fear of ‘Big Tech’ silencing our social media platforms, leaving us with no way to fight back in Albany!  

Until just a few days ago, my hope was to focus all of our remaining 2021 resources on getting ready for the battle that is coming next session — preparing to mobilize as many gun owners as possible using mail, email, social media and more!

But I’m afraid, as it stands right now, I won’t be able to afford to stave off a bogus legal/ethic charges AND still run the programs that I laid out for you above.

I know we’ve done nothing wrong. But with Andrew Cuomo and his allies determined to silence political opposition to make it easier for them to pass their gun control agenda, we can’t just sit back and hope for the best. We simply must get ready!

So I need you to tell me what to do:

OPTION #1:   Should I ignore these looming legal threats, hope nothing bad happens, and go all in in preparing for the legislative fights we know are coming in 2022?

OPTION #2:   Should I just give in to the threats that will likely come from these gun-grabbers, forget trying to grow a massive grassroots army of gun owners, and put all my focus into these frivolous legal threats? 

OPTION #3:   Or should I FIGHT BACK ON ALL FRONTS — preparing for a bogus legal attack — while also preparing to fight Cuomo’s radicals in Albany next year?

I know what I want to do. I want to fight like hell on all fronts and not surrender an inch of ground to the America-hating freaks in Albany who want to disarm us!

But I don’t have millions of dollars sitting around in the bank like BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg and his pals do.

This organization runs based on the generosity of gun owners like YOU. OPTION #3 just really isn’t an “option” without a massive and IMMEDIATE influx of funds from the members and supporters of the New York State Firearms Association.

So if this is the option you choose, won’t you please agree to your most generous contribution of $150 TODAY?

I know that’s asking a lot, but the stakes couldn’t be higher, and doing nothing is just not an option.

We’re in the fight of our lives over the direction of our state and our entire nation. And the life that our children and grandchildren get to lead will be largely determined by how hard we fight now, and how much freedom we preserve for them!

And that’s why I’m counting on you to continue standing with me in this great fight for freedom!  

So if $150 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $75 or at least $35 right away?

This legal attack could land on my doorstep at any moment, and I really need your input right away, so please fill out your NYS Firearms Association Member Ballot RIGHT AWAY!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. After we led the fight to defeat almost every one of Cuomo’s gun control bill this session, I expect the NYS Firearms Association to come under legal attack at any minute. This is becoming the go-to tactic for the left.   

Their goal is to force us to spend our time and resources in defending against these attacks, so that we can’t stand up and hold the line against gun control in 2022!

So please fill out your NYSFA Member Ballot right away, telling me where to focus our resources!

While you’re at it, please make a generous donation of $150, $75, or at least $25 to help us FIGHT for the Second Amendment!