Are You In or Out?

If you forgot to complete your membership renewal forms for 2020, I hope that you’ll take a moment to do so IMMEDIATELY!

With everything that we are facing in 2020 –- from the war we’ll be in with socialist gun-grabbers in Albany who want to crush our freedoms, to the election programs that we need to run to expose vulnerable anti-gun lawmakers — I am counting on you!

In the wake of the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shootings, gun grabbers are going for broke in Washington, D.C. and right here in New York state, seeking to use the blood of those innocent victims to pass even more radical gun control.

Never mind the fact that the Texas shooting happened in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ where all of the good guys were disarmed and left helpless — highlighting the failure of gun control.

Never mind the fact that the Ohio shooting was carried out by a madman who bought his firearms after having first passed a background check — highlighting the failure of gun control.

And never mind the fact that NO FORM OF GUN CONTROL will ever stop a would-be criminal. In fact, it only makes it easier for criminals to attack law abiding citizens, since only law abiding citizens follow the law in the first place!

None of that matters.

This has NOTHING to do with guns, and EVERYTHING to do with radical leftists trying to make America into the next socialist disaster like Venezuela — where politicians have all of the power and control!

But for them to do that, they first need to disarm law-abiding New York residents like you and me, just like every other country in world history has done before turning on its citizens.

And that’s why Governor Cuomo and his crazed allies in Albany are going all in on their goal of passing the nation’s first social media gun control bill during the 2020 session.

This is the worst gun control legislation that we have ever seen here in New York State in that it would:

>>>  Mandate that you surrender your personal log-in
        information for all of your social media accounts,
        before being issued a permit to buy a firearm

In fact, the legislation specifies that gun owners provide
the log-in information for their accounts with Facebook,
Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram!

Government officials would then be allowed to go through
THREE YEARS of your social media history when deciding
whether or not you should be issued a permit.

>>>  Require that you surrender access to your computers
        and smartphone, and give government agents complete
        access to your online search history

From Google to Yahoo to Bing, this bill would compel you to
give up your personal information to allow access to all of these
search engines!

Similar to their ability to dig through your social media activities,
Senate Bill 1413 would authorize government agents to dig through
12 months of your browsing and search history as a condition of
being issued a firearms permit!

The legislation specifically lists off the types of jokes and comments that they are looking for as they search for reasons to deny you a permit, but concludes with a blank check that states the investigator can consider ‘any other issues’ that they drum up!

But as bad as this legislation is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, as Governor Cuomo and his allies in Albany are hoping to pass as much gun control as they can in 2020.

We also need to be ready to fight against S-6738 (Senator Gaughran) which would make it ILLEGAL to conduct gun raffles in
New York State.

Then there is Assemblywoman Simon’s legislation (A-01724) which would hit you with a felony offense if you bought more than 20 rounds of ammunition for most self-defense rifles in a 120 day period.

And we can’t forget Assemblywoman Rosenthal’s push (A-01007) to obliterate New York State’s trap shooting programs, that are so popular in almost 100 school districts across the state!

So how do we counter this? How to we fight back against Governor Cuomo, his band of gun-grabbing zealots in Albany, and the media that attacks law abiding gun owners every single day?

By using grassroots firepower on targeted lawmakers!

The old ways of doing politics, where a gun rights organization hired a slick (sell-out) lobbyist to spend five months in Albany kissing the backside of lawmakers and begging lawmakers for scraps of freedom, are over!

The New York State Firearms Association is rewriting the playbook in how we fight for our gun rights, and we’re going to harness every patriotic New York State gun owner in the process.

We’re working as fast as we can to prepare the following tools before the start of the 2020 legislation session, so that you can get directly involved in the fight for your freedoms.

First, we are building up the largest Facebook page in the state, so that gun owners from Suffolk County to Potsdam can have the very latest information on what’s happening in Albany.

Second, we are developing what we expect to be the most sophisticated email alert system that New York State has ever seen — emails with built in advocacy systems that will allow you to communicate directly with your lawmakers via email, social media and even video messaging!

Third, we are going to have boots on the ground in Albany all session long, reminding lawmakers in vulnerable seats that we are coming after them in November, and that they will absolutely pay a price for their attacks on the Second Amendment!

And as you can see, we have a very ambitious program lined up, one that will result in hundreds of thousands of emails, calls, and social media messages pounding lawmakers in Albany!

But before I can pull the trigger and activate these programs, I need to know that I can afford to pay for it all when the smoke clears — so please renew your membership today!  

All membership of $35 or higher come with a FREE NYSFA T-Shirt, members decal, and ‘No Guns, No Money’ cards, so please be generous!

But before you decide on what level of support you wish to contribute to this fight, I want to make sure you know that we are facing more than just a busy legislative session.

You see, the moment the legislative session adjourns, we will be getting ready for the all-important 2020 primary and general elections.

As important as our legislative programs are, some say that as gun owners, we do our best work in the election season, as that’s where we get to hold anti-gun lawmakers accountable for their votes in favor of gun control!

It’s really simple: if gun grabbers in Albany can attack our gun rights without any pushback, they will never let up.

So the New York State Firearms Association simply MUST be prepared to run a monster election program in 2020, exposing as many gun-grabbers as we can in targeted districts, sending a message that if you mess with our gun rights, you WILL pay a price.

And we are not going to waste your resources in gun control strongholds like NYC.

No, we are going to get to work in areas where your resources can have the maximum impact. Some of these areas may include places like:

>>>  Senate District 42; where State Senator Jen Metzger is desperately
hoping that gun owners forget that she backed Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Red Flag
Gun Seizure’ bill last year, as her margin of victory was just 3% in 2018.

>>>  Senate District 40; where freshman gun-grabbing State Senator Peter
Harckham won by just 3% in 2018. Harckham is terrified that his support
for gun control may cost him his job, especially during a Presidential
election year!

>>>  Senate District 3; where State Senator Monica Martinez won her
election last fall by the tiniest margin of any current State Senator,
garnering just 51.6% of the vote, in an area of Long Island long
known to oppose Cuomo’s gun control agenda.

But everything we do in 2020 — from our legislative battles to our election season programs — are only going to be possible if you continue to stand with us by renewing your membership!

That’s why I hope that you’ll agree to renew your membership today, and it’s why I hope that you will be generous when you do.  

As our way of saying thank you, all renewals of $35 or more come with a free T-Shirt from the New York State Firearms Association, so be sure to select your shirt size on the renewal form.

The amount you choose to give is entirely up to you, but I hope that you will act fast because this fight begins in just days.

Our forefathers fought and died so that we could inherit a country free from the tyranny of Europe, a country where law abiding citizens were allowed to keep and bear arms to stop criminals AND tyrants.

Now it’s our turn.

Governor Cuomo hates what this country was founded on, he hates gun owners like you and me, and he’s determined to obliterate our right to keep and bear arms once and for all.

Help us fight back!

Help us do our part to ensure that the rights and freedoms secured for us by our forefathers are not extinguished on our watch, so that our grandchildren can look back at this time and know that patriotic New Yorkers stood against a tyrant in 2019, just like we did in 1776.

For New York State,
Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
New York State Firearms Association

P.S. The fight for the Second Amendment kicks off in just weeks in Albany, which means our battle to stop Governor Cuomo’s gun control agenda will be kicking into high gear!

If you have already renewed your membership in the New York State Firearms Association for 2020, I can’t thank you enough. But if you haven’t, please complete your renewal form right away with your most generous contribution of $100, $75, or at least $35 TODAY 


And don’t forget that any membership of $35 or higher will automatically earn you a FREE NYS Firearms Association T-Shirt, so be sure to select your shirt size on your renewal form!