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The Second Amendment has been under attack here in New York State for a long time, with politicians on both sides of the aisle betraying us. That’s nothing new.

But when the State Senate flipped in 2018, everything changed in Albany in the fight for gun rights as our America-hating Governor now has control over both legislative chambers, giving him the ability to pass even more gun control.

We saw that in 2018 with the passage of the ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and the ‘Safe Storage’ laws. Both of these bills allow gun owners to be targeted and harassed by the system, while doing nothing to stop violent criminals.

Some gun owners may be tempted to think that Cuomo has done his worst, that between the SAFE ACT of 2013 and the legislation passed in 2018, Cuomo and the radical socialists in Albany may stop pushing for more gun control legislation and call it a day.

The truth is that their assault against our precious Second Amendment is just beginning, as an entire new generation of socialists are running the show in the Senate and Assembly.

These radicals have declared open war on law abiding gun owners like you and me and are determined to CRUSH us once and for all with bills like: 

>>>  SB-7065 from Senator Saunders; which would force law abiding gun owners to submit to a mental health examination before they could buy a firearm, allowing Cuomo to target gun owners for harassment like some third world dictator!

>>>  SB-1413 from Senator Parker; which would force you to allow government investigators to have unfettered access to your social media accounts and all search engine history as part of the application process for a pistol permit! 

>>>  AB-01724 from Assemblyman Simon; which would make it a felony offense to buy more than 20 rounds of ammunition every 6 months for many modern rifles!

There’s no doubt that these people hate you, they hate the freedoms that this country was built on, and that they will put law abiding gun owners in prison if they can get away with it. 

And these three bills are just three of dozens of gun control bills that gun-grabbers have thrown at us over the last two years. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t see this trend reversing any time soon. In fact, I think it’s only going to heat up depending on the outcomes of the elections this fall. 

That’s why I am emailing you today. 

The mission of the NYS Firearms Association is to do everything we can to stop gun control, advance pro-gun legislation where possible, and to hold the politicians who stand in the way of those goals accountable. 

Each of these efforts are vitally important to the future of our freedoms here in New York State — but they come at a cost. 

And when you combine our work to stop gun control bills in Albany with our fight to advance Stand-Your-Ground law, while also pouring pressure on our Congressional delegation to stop H.R. 5717 in Washington while simultaneously getting ready for the 2020 election cycle, the costs add up FAST! 

And while I’m able to make budget allotments at the beginning of the year after we complete our annual renewal program, after the first few months of the year I often am forced to make cuts in our programs because we can’t afford them.

With the growing threats that we are facing, that is the last thing that I want to do. 

And that’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of our new SENTINEL MEMBERSHIP program for the NYS Firearms Association! 

As the name implies, Sentinel Memberships are for gun owners who want to help us stand guard and be the watchmen on history’s wall for our precious Second Amendment freedoms — to help make sure that our children and grandchildren do not grow up in a nation that criminalizes the private ownership of guns. 

Specifically, Sentinel Memberships allow our supporters to make monthly donations of $17.76 (less than $.60 a day) to the NYS Firearms Association, that will give us the critical support we need to fight for you year round!

To get involved in this program, click here or below!

This will enable us to be far more effective than we already are at addressing threats as they come up in real time. 

But more than just helping the NYS Firearms Association  fight more effectively, Sentinel Memberships come with a pile of swag options that we have never offered before. 

For example, after your 6th month as a Sentinel Member, you will receive a brand new NYS Firearms Association Pacific Headwear cap! 

This hat comes with a flex fit design and mesh on the back side for maximum comfort.

A few months after you receive this hat, we will send you a newly redesigned NYS Firearms Association T-Shirt, one that won’t be available to anyone else.

But that’s just the beginning! 

Gun owners have been asking us for polos and hoodies to demonstrate their support in this organization for a long time. Now, it’s finally happening. 

And while the polos and hoodies you see below will soon be available for purchase by gun owners — as a Sentinel Member, you’ll receive these complimentary items at no cost, as our way of saying thanks for your ongoing support.   

The NYSFA polo below features an embroidered NYSFA logo and will arrive at your door after your 16th month as a Sentinel Member, while our brand new NYSFA hoodie (the final piece of swag offered to Sentinel Members) is yours after your 21st month in this member program.

I know that the members of the NYS Firearms Association don’t stand up for the Second Amendment or support this organization just because you get gear. 

You do it because you love this great country and the Second Amendment freedoms that it was built on. 

And as I said earlier, we do it because we owe a debt of honor to our Founding Fathers who gave up everything to give us a nation that enshrined our right to defend ourselves from tyranny. 

But these freedoms are going to be attacked like we have never seen here in New York State in the coming months and years, and we just aren’t in a place to face all these threats simultaneously right now. 

If we are going to hold the line — to make sure that we can pass down our heritage of freedom to the next generation — I’m going to have to ask you to dig deep and commit to becoming a Sentinel Level Member in the NYS Firearms Association

The gear above is our way of thanking you for going above and beyond as we all stand together and fight against socialism. 

Sentinel memberships start at $17.76 per month in recognition of the start of our great nation. But if you would like to select a higher monthly gift, please do so, knowing that every penny goes to the fight for gun rights right here in New York State. 

If you would like to contribute a lower amount than $17.76, you can do that as well, and still receive a member decal

Thank you, in advance, for standing up for our great Second Amendment and for your support of the NYS Firearms Association!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
New York State Firearms Association

P.S. The America-hating socialists that we are facing in Albany these days are pushing far more aggressive gun control legislation than we have seen before.  

Cuomo’s radicals are pushing legislation in the Capitol that would DESTROY our beautiful Second Amendment forever, while making criminals out of countless New Yorkers! 

To help meet this growing threat, the NYS Firearms Association is announcing our new Sentinel Level Membership that allows members to make automatic monthly donations so that we have the ammo we need to fight back year round. 

This program comes with a NYSFA hat, T-Shirt, polo, hoodie and more! Check out the information above and then please consider becoming a Sentinel Level member TODAY!

Click here to become a Sentinel Level Member in the New York State Firearms Association and receive all the swag that you see above!

If you would like to contribute a lower amount than $17.76, you can do that as well, and still receive a member decal

Thank you for standing up and fighting for our precious Second Amendment!


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