Biden Vows: I’m Not Going to Stop Until I Ban These Guns!

In a huge White House lawn press conference yesterday afternoon, Joe Biden raged about Americans who own AR-15s and vowed to ban every single one of them while he has the votes in Congress!

While bragging about the massive ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ funding bill he just signed into law, Biden turned towards AR-15s, saying: I’m determined to ban these weapons again along with 30 round magazines. I’m NOT going to stop until I do!

America is being led by a rage-filled tyrant who will do anything, including sacrificing his own political party in the midterms, to ban the most popular rife in American history.

Help us fight back; make a donation today so that we can stop this treacherous bill before it’s too late!


Backstabbing Republicans who gave Biden his victory in the Senate with last month’s ‘Red Flag’ bill were on hand, and Biden fawned over them, thanking them for betraying gun owners.

Make no mistake, these same RINO traitors are VERY LIKELY to consider giving Biden their support again, when it comes to banning hundreds of different semi-auto firearms!

The bill that passed into law in late June was bad. But this legislation, H.R. 1808/S. 736, is something that we would not recover from.

Because when you take away AR-15s and all of the sister rifles  — along with all mags that hold over 10 rounds — Americans will be left with hunting rifles and pistols.

This is what Biden wants: to see the American people basically disarmed, unable to stop violent criminals and tyrannical governments alike!


We need to act fast. H.R. 1808 has over 200 cosponsors already. S. 736 has the support of at least THREE DOZEN Senators. Both bills have been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.

If we lose this fight, our country will become like every other country on earth where the government has all the power and is free to terrorize their own citizens at their whim.

This is America!

We were founded on the idea of resistance to tyranny!

We can’t let this legislation get onto the floor for a vote — let alone signed into law — we need to take action NOW!

Make an immediate donation to help us stop this legislation and hold the line for the 2022 midterm elections.


Our founding fathers warned us that our own government could turn on us like this someday. That’s why they codified our God-given right to keep and bear arms into the Constitution.

These tyrants want to destroy these rights! Fight back!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association