Breaking…Date Set for Legal Action Against Hochul!

After multiple federal court judges issued injunctions banning the enforcement of the tyrannical gun control law that Kathy Hochul signed last year, only to have those injunctions ‘stayed’ by higher courts, WE ARE ABOUT TO GET OUR DAY IN COURT! 

Days ago, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City announced that on March 20, they will be taking up ALL of the lawsuits that have been filed against this tyrannical law.

This is great news!


It’s simple: we may win this case outright, which means that last year’s gun control law could be totally abolished. And even if we lose, we would be checking the necessary procedural boxes to get this case before the United States Supreme Court!  

The NYSFA’s legal team — based out of DC and renowned for their victories on behalf of the Second Amendment — is prepared to fight in Circuit Court, but we’re also gearing up for this case to be fast-tracked before the Supreme Court.

That’s why I am writing you today.

We are close to finalizing the budget that we need to file our first salvo of Amicus Briefs that will be heard by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals…but we need to close that budget gap.

And at the same time, we are already trying to establish a legal defense fund to see this case through all the way to the United States Supreme Court, and we need your immediate support! 


Before we get to that, let me remind you how we got here and what’s at stake for law-abiding gun owners in New York (and the country) if we lose this fight.      

In their landmark Bruen decision last year, the Supreme Court struck down New York State’s unconstitutional pistol permit process. The court specifically stated that the ‘justifiable need’ portion of the application was a violation of the 2nd Amendment.      

In addition, the Court made it VERY CLEAR to New York State and gun-grabbers across the country that the right to carry a firearm includes public places where we are lawfully present.

Finally, the court said that any future gun control laws passed by a state legislature needed to comply with the historic use of firearms in America — making it clear that laws that could not meet those criteria would be struck down!

But that didn’t stop Kathy Hochul.

Instead of complying with the Bruen Decision, Hochul passed the worst gun control bill in American history into law.

 The details of this new law are simply breathtaking in their unconstitutionality. That’s because it states that: 

  • Anyone who wants to purchase ANY KIND of semi-automatic rifle will need to obtain a special permit from the State of New York first. We believe this even includes .22 rifles.
  • All ammunition sales will require a NICS background check at the point of sale, giving Kathy Hochul a complete list of every round of ammunition you own.
  • All churches, medical facilities, schools, restaurants that serve alcohol, public transportation, parks, playgrounds, libraries, entertainment venues, racetracks, and state parks will be declared ‘Gun Free Zones.’

Any violation of these sections will be prosecuted as a Class E felony — meaning gun owners will be facing four years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Does that make you angry? It should. Help us stop this with a donation today!


But that’s not all.

This new law also bans concealed carry in ALL commercial businesses unless they explicitly authorize concealed carry through signage at multiple points around the building!

Every single detail I listed above is unconstitutional. And according to our lawyers, none of them pass the “historical precedent test” established in last year’s Bruen decision.

This was a legislative ‘screw you’ to the Supreme Court and to every law-abiding gun owner in New York State from a demented and tyrannical governor who lusts over the ability to disarm every single one of her political opponents.

If there is any good news in this it’s that even liberal media outlets like are concerned that Kathy Hochul went so far over the top with last year’s gun control law, that it may blow up in their face before the Supreme Court. 

That is exactly what the NYSFA is trying to accomplish!

But before we can get this case before the Supreme Court, we must first get a decision from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals — there’s no way to short-circuit the process. 

That’s why I am asking for your continued support, to make sure that our lawyers can file the best possible Amicus Brief before this case is heard by the 2nd Circuit on March 20.


Your previous support has allowed us to pay for a variety of expensive procedural costs including the legal research necessary in this case, the initial draft of our Amicus Brief, all of the filing fees, and more.

But we still need to raise an additional $25,000 by March 1st, to ensure that our lawyers can finalize our submissions to the court, which are due prior to the March 20 court date!

And that’s not all.

As I mentioned earlier, we are already trying to build a legal defense fund in anticipation that this case will wind up before the United State Supreme Court.

The reality is that even if we get a favorable decision from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, it may be limited to overturning specific portions of Hochul’s law. In other words, major portions of this law may be left intact.

So we simply must get ready for the next level of this fight, before the Supreme Court. And for that, we need to budget $100,000. We don’t need that full amount immediately, but we do need to raise the first $50,000 of this, right away!


I know it’s a lot of money.

But we don’t have a choice. We won’t be able to fix this problem in the legislature. We MUST fight back against this in court, or we’ll watch New York State burn to the ground.

Violent crime is already out of control. And if last year’s gun control law stands, and the few New Yorkers who are allowed to carry firearms are forced to disarm in each of Kathy Hochul’s new ‘Gun Free Zones,’ violent crime will EXPLODE!

We can’t let that happen.

Gun owners in New York State have been under attack for over a decade; it hasn’t been easy. But now is no time to give up and move away, as some people like to suggest.

For the first time in decades, maybe ever, we have a clear pro-gun majority on the Supreme Court! The Bruen decision wasn’t a 5-4 case like 2008’s Heller decision; it was a decisive 6-3 victory for freedom and the Second Amendment.

Right now is the BEST TIME to bring gun rights cases before the Supreme Court in my lifetime. And a victory here won’t just protect New Yorkers, it will set the bar for America!

That’s why I hope that you’ll make a generous donation of $100 or even $250, to make sure that the NYSFA can fight for you in the 2ND Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

I know that’s a lot. But now is our chance!

So if $100 isn’t possible, I hope that you’ll at least consider $50, $35, $25, $17.76 or whatever you can afford. And remember, we need to finalize this budget FAST!

Kathy Hochul’s middle finger to the Supreme Court may lead to the overturning of this law, and new protections for gun owners all over the country. But only if we can fight in court.

So please make a generous donation TODAY!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals will be considering all federal challenges to last year’s gun control law on March 20, which means the NYSFA needs to raise $25,000 to finish our Amicus briefs by March 1st!

And since this case is widely expected to make it before the United States Supreme Court, we are already gearing up for that fight, too.

Please make a generous donation of $100, $75, $35 — or even $10 — so we can fight in court!


We only have a few weeks to make this happen, please hurry!

After months of waiting, NYSFA is going to be battling against Kathy Hochul in Federal Court! If we win, last year’s tyrannical gun control law could be repealed!

Help us fund our legal team and gear up for a Supreme Court battle as well! Please donate now.