Breaking: Stand-Your-Ground Law Filed in Albany!

Any time the government does away with cash bail for criminals while simultaneously making it harder for law abiding citizens to carry firearms for self-defense, violent crime is going to surge.

And when you add to that a years-long war on police, and enact policies that turn violent criminals loose into the streets under the guise of Covid-19, it won’t be long before those streets run red with blood.

That is exactly what is happening all across New York State these days, as the crime rate is surging to levels that we have not seen in decades in cities like New York City, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo!

These aren’t just stats that we hear about on the evening news. Innocent New Yorkers are being robbed, raped, and murdered every day in our state because the criminals no longer fear the ‘good guys’ thanks to Governor Hochul’s policies.

And that’s exactly why the NYS Firearms Association has just had Stand-Your-Ground legislation filed in the Senate (with Senator Borello) and in the Assembly (with Assemblyman DiPietro) — because it’s time that criminals fear the ‘good guys’ again.


But to be clear, fighting for Stand-Your-Ground law (S-3718/A-05269) isn’t just about trying to pass this policy.

You see, it’s also about finding out who our friends are in Albany. Everyone knows who our enemies are, they are the ones who are working to disarm gun owners every day, while making it easier for violent predators to get out of jail and attack us.

And while some in the Republican conference are champions for gun owners, some of them simply ‘farm’ us for campaign donations and votes every two years, while doing nothing to fight for us in the state legislature. This bill will help us separate the two in Albany!

The NYS Firearms Association Stand-Your-Ground law would totally reshape our right to self-defense in New York State by:

>>> Removing the requirement that a gun owner has to retreat from a violent criminal before you can defend yourself, allowing you to ‘stand-your-ground.’

The last thing you should do when confronted by a violent criminal who wants to beat, rape, or kill you is to turn your back on them! This bill would remove the requirement to retreat from ‘any place you are lawfully present.’

>>> Providing critical criminal immunity protections to a gun owner who uses justifiable force in defense of his own or another’s life.

The bill clarifies that unless there is probable cause that you broke the law, you cannot be arrested just because some anti-gun prosecutor wants to make an example out of you like they did with Kyle Rittenhouse and Mark McCloskey.

>>> Establishing equally important civil immunity protections to gun owners who use appropriate levels of force in self-defense.

Gun owners who are not charged, or who are found ‘Not Guilty’ in criminal court, shouldn’t have to worry about being bankrupted by the estate of the criminal who tried to attack you or your loved ones. This bill clarifies that you can’t be civilly sued unless you are convicted in court.

>>> Including protections for gun owners who threaten to use force while attempting to deescalate a dangerous situation.

As gun owners, shooting someone in a defensive situation is the last thing we want to do. But if we successfully deescalate a situation, there are no legal protections for us. In fact, we could go to prison for brandishing.

As you can see, passing S-3718/A-05269 would completely reshape New York’s self-defense laws and provide gun owners with critical protections that gun owners in over thirty-six other states already enjoy!


The other benefit to this legislation is that just by filing it and going on offense we are putting every member of the legislature on the record for or against this bill.

The 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to be a complete blowout for the Democratic Party here in New York State and across the country, as Joe Biden’s utter incompetence has sent inflation spiraling and endangered our national security.

In fact, some are saying this the fall elections could be just as bad as 1994 or even 2010 for the Democrats! Here in New York, our sources indicate that we could see the Democrats lose their supermajority in the Senate, or even see the chamber flip!

And that is especially true for politicians who refuse to co-sponsor legislation like Stand-Your-Ground law. You see, playing defense alone in Albany isn’t a battleplan, it’s a retreat. And the NYS Firearms Association doesn’t do that.

That’s why we are doing everything we can to mobilize an army of gun owners to help us flood the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions in support of this bill. So please send your automated email right away!


But after you send your email to your Senator and Assemblyman, I hope that you will also make a generous donation to help us crank up the heat on the politicians in Albany through a combination of:

>>> A series of the hard-hitting digital and social media ads that the NYSFA is so well known for, ensuring that every gun owner in New York State is aware of this fight and contacting their State Assemblyman and State Senator!

 These ads are extremely cost-efficient, allowing us to activate hundreds of thousands of gun owners fast. 

>>> Increasing the size of our email and direct mail programs to mobilize NYSFA members and other gun owners! One of the main benefits of these programs is that they are uncensorable!  

 And our unrivaled email program allows gun owners to put pressure on their State Assemblyman and State Senator with just a few mouse clicks!

>>> Prepare targeted radio ad campaigns that we can unveil when needed, to crank up the heat at a moment’s notice!

 These programs are expensive, but nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a radio ad blitz. But we need to get them produced in advance and be able to pay for them.

This program has just one purpose: to make sure that every politician in Albany knows that gun owners want them to co-sponsor this bill — and that we’ll hold them accountable if they refuse!

But to be able to run this program, we need to be able to pay for it. And that’s why I hope that you’ll consider a generous donation of $75 or even $100.


You see, unlike our enemies at the Capitol, we don’t have a billionaire funding our fight for freedom. But our founding fathers didn’t have the rich and powerful on their side when they fought for our freedoms during the Revolutionary War on New York battlefields like Stony Point, Johnstown, and Ticonderoga! 

Patriotic Americans rose to the challenge then, and with your help, we are continuing that fight for freedom in New York State today!

So if $75 or $100 is just not possible, I hope you will at least consider $50, $25 or even $10.


Things are moving fast here in Albany, so send your automated emails right away, and then please help us with your most generous contribution today so we can implement our program!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Violent crime is spiking out of control thanks to New York State’s terrible gun laws and the thousands of violent criminals that Gov. Hochul has released from prison as part of her crazed liberal ideology! 

New York State needs Stand-Your-Ground law more than ever, which is why the NYSFA has just had it sponsored in the State Senate (S-3718) and State Assembly (A-05269!)

Please help us get every member of the legislature on the record for or against this bill, send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL and insist that your State Senator and Assemblyman cosponsors this legislation!


And please include a generous donation of $125, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that the NYS Firearms Association can continue to fight for gun owners in Albany.