Details of Nancy Pelosi’s Gun Control Bill Revealed!

I’ll give her credit; Nancy Pelosi isn’t wasting any time.

Two days before Congress ratified the results of the 2020 elections and six days before Joe Biden was sworn in as President, Pelosi’s trusted allies in Congress were already filing the worst gun control bill that America has ever seen!

Now they are trying to ram this legislation into law immediately, before gun owners like you and me can mobilize a ground swell of opposition against it!

That’s why I am writing you today, to make sure you have all of the details on H.R. 127 so you know what is at stake — and to ask you to immediately sign the petition that we have prepared for you against this legislation.

H.R. 127 is the biggest attack on the Second Amendment that I have ever seen. Make no mistake, if this legislation becomes law, it will cripple our Second Amendment freedoms in a way that we’ll never recover from!

And far from being a mere ‘statement bill’ (a bill that the radical left is filing to please their base but has no intention of actually trying to pass) this is very likely going to be THE primary gun control bill of the 2021-2022 cycle.  

You see, the hyper-leftists that helped to put Joe Biden in the White House (like Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and our own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and who want to pass a massive gun control agenda know that time is not on their side.

Every day that passes brings them closer to the 2022 midterms and they know that moderate Democrats (in the House and Senate) will not want to vote on one radical gun control bill with the elections right around the corner — let alone three or four of them.

And that’s why our sources on Capitol Hill are telling us that Nancy Pelosi is expected to move with lightning speed on H.R. 127, to load it up with their entire gun control agenda, and then try to pass it while she has the momentum to get it done!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against H.R. 127 immediately!

I can’t say I’m surprised. In fact, like most gun owners, this is what I wish OUR allies would have done for US when THEY controlled the White House and Congress in 2017-2018.

But just because our Congressional ‘allies’ like then-Speaker Paul Ryan sat back and did nothing doesn’t mean that Nancy Pelosi and NY’s Chuck Schumer will make the same mistake.

On the contrary, they are trying to pass their entire gun control agenda in one fell swoop which is why they are pushing H.R. 127 — the gun control MEGA BILL — which would:

>>> Make it a felony for you to own a firearm unless you have been granted a national firearms license from the Attorney General’s office

This bastardizes the intention of the Second Amendment which was designed to be the ultimate check on federal tyranny, and instead, surrenders our right to keep and bear arms to the federal government.

>>> Force you to submit to a psychiatric evaluation with a Department of Justice certified mental health staffer before you would be issued your national firearms license!

Let’s be honest, gun owners like you and me who love the Second Amendment, America’s founding fathers, or President Trump would never pass this test. This is the same tactic that Russia’s Stalin and China’s Mao used on their political opposition during the 20th Century!

>>> Require gun owners to provide proof of civil liability insurance before you could own — let alone carry — a firearm of any kind!

There is no chance that an insurance company would ever sell this type of coverage. If they tried, the Biden DOJ would shut them down much like New York State did with CarryGuard, which Andrew Cuomo branded as ‘murder insurance.’

>>> Create a national ammunition registration program, which would track every round of ammunition you buy and make you a criminal for possessing ‘unregistered’ ammunition.

Imagine having to notify the federal government every time you buy a box of .22 shells? Worse, imagine living in a country where owning ‘unregistered’ ammunition could leave you facing federal charges!

>>> Ban all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition.

This sort of legislation isn’t new. But what makes this section of H.R. 127 especially bad is that there is no ‘grandfather clause,’ so you would have to surrender all the magazines that you currently own, or face charges!    

Sadly, I’m only scratching the surface of what H.R. 127 would do as it also makes you pay $800 a year for this license, bans all .50 caliber rifle ammunition, allows the public to look at the federal gun registry and see what firearms you own, and more!

Of course, this legislation would not do anything to stop violent criminals bent on murder, rape, or robbery. They would simply ignore these new laws just like they ignore background checks, waiting periods, and so-called ‘Gun Free Zones!’

But this bill wasn’t written to stop criminals. It was written to crush our Second Amendment freedoms once and for all — and to make criminals out of as many gun owners as possible.

That’s why I need you to sign your OFFICIAL PETITION right away!

As you will see, these petitions are addressed to Senator Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, as well as your Congressman –- telling them to stop H.R. 127 dead in its tracks.

New Yorks’s entire Congressional delegation needs to hear from you now, more than ever, as party labels just don’t mean much anymore where our gun rights are concerned.

The good news is that if gun owners stand together, we CAN defeat H.R. 127 and the rest of Joe Biden’s war on gun owners.

You see, while it’s true that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and the radical left have a majority in the House of Representatives, it’s the smallest Congressional majority that Democrats have had in Congress in 100 years with just 222 seats!    

In the Senate, New York’s Chuck Schumer is the Senate Majority Leader, but he’s running a chamber with a 50-50 tie, meaning that for Kamala Harris to break a tie, Schumer needs every single member of his caucus to vote for H.R. 127.

And already, vulnerable members of Nancy Pelosi’s caucus are publicly warning her that they don’t want to vote on aggressive gun control bills like H.R. 127, convinced that doing so will cost them their seat, and Pelosi the majority.

And since a sizeable number of the Congressional Democratic caucus won by less than 3 points (like AZ’s Tom O’Halleran, TX’s Vincente Gonzalez, IA’s Cindy Axne, MI’s Haley Stevens, MN’s Angie Craig, PA’s Conor Lamb and others) during a Presidential election year, their chances in 2022 drop fast if they back radical gun control.

The bottom line is that we can still defeat H.R. 127, if gun owners stand together and  flood Congress with petitions against this bill! And if we defeat H.R. 127, it may well rob Joe Biden of political momentum for the rest of his gun control agenda, too!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION immediately!  

But when you do, I hope that you will include a generous contribution to help the NYS Firearms Association continue to work for you in Albany and in Washington, D.C.!

We are already spending heavily through our social media programs, our email system, and direct mail to mobilize New Yorkers against this legislation — but we need to keep it up!

That’s why I hope that you will consider a donation of $100 or even $250 right away, to make sure that the NYS Firearms Association has the resources we need to get the word out about this legislation.

With all that is going on right now, I know that may be a stretch for some, and I completely understand. But Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and Nancy Pelosi have been waiting for this chance for a long time, and they are ‘all in.’

I hope that you are ‘all in,’ too.

So if $100 or $250 is not possible at this time, please consider $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford.

If H.R. 127 passes, it will not only destroy our gun rights, but those of our children and grandchildren. And the idea of a free people, being armed for defense against tyranny, will perish with it.

We need to stand together and hold the line!  

Please sign your petition and help us hold the line against H.R. 127 TODAY!


 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr,
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

 P.S. Nancy Pelosi and her allies have been waiting for complete

Control in D.C. for a long time, and they aren’t wasting a moment in their effort to destroy our gun rights.

H.R. 127 would END the Second Amendment by requiring a federal license to own a firearm, mandating psychiatric evaluations and civil liability insurance for gun owners, while creating a national gun and ammunition registry!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against H.R. 127, telling New York’s Congressional delegation to oppose this bill or find another job!

And, if possible, I hope that you’ll include a generous gift of $250, $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that the NYS Firearms Association can mobilize as many gun owners as possible!