Elmira Home Invasion Stopped by Mother of Four With Her Shotgun!

While Gov. Cuomo and his cronies in Albany work overtime to totally disarm gun owners in New York State, an Elmira woman’s recent ordeal highlights the need for gun owners to fight against gun control with everything we have.

Police in Elmira report that 33-yr-old Jason Lopez, a convicted felon who has previously served five years in the Upstate Correctional Facility in Malone, broke into a home in the 500 block of Perine Street just after 6:00am.

A woman at the home opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun, fearing for the safety of her four young children, striking Lopez in the chest and shoulder.

Authorities said that Lopez and the intended victims do not know each other, and that this was a standard home-invasion that was only stopped because the homeowner was armed and able to shoot first.

With Gov. Cuomo and his allies in Albany doing all they can to crush the Second Amendment here in New York State, they are only impacting law abiding citizens.

Criminals aren’t obeying Cuomo’s ban on the ever-popular AR-15!

Criminals aren’t obeying Cuomo’s universal gun registry law.

Criminals aren’t obeying the ban on more than ten rounds in a magazine.

Then again, Gov. Cuomo’s gun control agenda was never about stopping criminals — it is about disarming law abiding citizens.

Thankfully for the woman and four children in Elmira, he hasn’t totally succeeded yet!

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For Freedom,


Thomas Gowen
New York State Firearms Association

P.S. A recent home invasion in Elmira was only stopped because a mother of four was armed and willing to defend her family by shooting a hardened felon in the chest.

If Gov. Cuomo has his way, soon enough all firearms will be banned from all law-abiding citizens, meaning only the criminals will have guns!

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