Emergency: Gun Control Hearings Happening TOMORROW!

This is an emergency!

While Congress itself is on vacation this week, the House Judiciary Committee is convening a special hearing tomorrow to advance House Democrats’ gun control package!

And while there are other bills being prepped behind closed doors dealing with Red Flags, AR-15 ban, and a national gun registry, these bills are the first ones to move in the House.

At least eight gun control bills are moving Thursday. And more could be added before the hearing tomorrow!

But we know that, at a minimum, the Judiciary Committee will be taking action on:

***  H.R. 3015, Rep. Brown’s bill that would make felons out of Americans under age 21 to own AR-15s and hundreds of similar firearms!

***  H.R. 6370/H.R. 130, Rep. Slotkin’s and Rep. Jackson’s bills that would make felons out of Americans who own firearms and have kids in their home, unless those guns are locked up 24 hours a day!

***  H.R. 2510, Rep. Deutch’s bill that would make felons out of Americans who buy any magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition.

***  H.R. 2280, Rep. Kelly’s bill that would make felons out of Americans who buy a gun for someone with the intent of selling or giving it to someone else — which is already illegal.

***  H.R. 748, Rep. DeLauro’s bill that mimics the storage requirements found in H.R. 6370 above, on federal and tribal properties.

***  H.R. 3088, Rep. Cicilline’s bill that makes felons out of Americans who own an unserialized/homemade firearm. This bill would send you to prison unless you put a number on your firearms and gave it to the federal government. 

***  H.R. 5427, Rep. Titus’s bill that makes felons out of Americans who own an unregistered bump stock. The left is scared that a court will vacate the President’s order on this, and want to put this tyranny into law.

This entire package of bills is the definition of tyranny. They won’t stop a single criminal from robbing, raping, or murdering innocent victims.

The ONLY REASON why Congress is hoping to use the blood of dead children in Uvalde, TX to advance these bills is because they want to disarm gun owners — and put us in prison if they can!

So email your Congressman immediately, and tell him to VOTE NO on the entire package of gun control bills coming up for a vote.


These bills may be voted on one at a time, or they may be wrapped into a massive omnibus bill and voted on all at once.

Either way, we’ll have more information coming for you soon!

In the meantime, please make a donation to help us keep the pressure WHITE HOT on New York State’s Congressional delegation. Many Republicans in Congress are getting weak on gun control.

We can’t take any chances!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The House Judiciary Committee is holding a special meeting TOMORROW where they intend to take action on a mountain of gun control bills!

Read the email above for the details on these bills, then take immediate action by emailing your Congressman, insisting that he/she publicly oppose this attack on our freedoms!


Then make a donation so we can keep fighting against the massive push for gun control that is picking up steam in Congress right now.

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