Fight for the Second Amendment in 2021!

Deep down, we always knew they would try to do this.

The radical left, funded by over $100,000,000 of Michael Bloomberg’s money and being aided and abetted by the FAKE NEWS media elites and corrupt vote counters, were determined to topple President Trump one way or the other.

While I write this, the outcome of this election is not perfectly clear, but it certainly appears likely that Joe Biden will be in the White House come January.

And if that happens, he will declare war against the Second Amendment and proud gun owners like you and me ON DAY ONE!

So regardless of how we got here, the fact is that gun owners like you and me need to prepare for a fight over the Second Amendment the likes of which this country has never seen!

And if this happens, it won’t be like the gun control battles we won under President Obama. Being led by pure America-hating leftists in Congress like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, you can expect to see an all-out assault against every aspect of our right to keep and bear arms.

That’s why I hope that you will renew your membership in the New York State Firearms Association for 2021 immediately!

At the federal level, the only good news is that the United States Senate did not fall into Chuck Schumer’s hands. If it had, and Joe Biden wins, the fight for our gun rights would be all but lost.

So for gun owners, the Senate is where we need to make our stand and hold the line for freedom!

But it’s going to be a major fight, as even some Republican Senators like Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and Rob Portman have already expressed their support for national ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation!

Here in New York State, while some of the mail-in and absentee ballots ARE STILL being counted, it seems likely that gun owners flipped at least four seats in the State Senate, and maybe more, as gun owners turned out in large numbers!
The NYS Firearms Association told our members from day one that we weren’t like other groups in Albany, that complain a lot but don’t actually do anything to FIGHT BACK against Cuomo’s war on gun owners!

And thanks to your support, we were able to run hard-hitting digital and social media ads in multiple State Senate races, exposing the socialist politicians in Albany who are attacking our freedoms!

Some of those races included:

>>>  Senate District 6, where Senator Kevin Thomas was hoping that gun owners would forget that he voted to make you a criminal for having a firearm in your home for self-defense or that he joined Governor Cuomo in passing last year’s criminal bail reform disaster!

We highlighted Thomas’s record with brutal digital ads that were seen by tens of thousands of gun owners in this district, and Thomas was defeated by almost 6%!

>>>  Senate District 42, where Senator Jen Metzger thought she could vote to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ defund our police, and loose violent criminals on innocent New Yorkers and that no one would find out.

The opposite happened, as the NYS Firearms Association hammered away at Metzger’s record using a combination of online programs, resulting in a stunning 9% defeat for Metzger!

>>>  Senate District 3, where Senator Monica Martinez was doing everything she could to hide the fact that she backed Cuomo’s war on gun owners 100% of the time, while simultaneously voting to defund our cops and release violent criminals.

We exposed Martinez’s record using every tool at our disposal and gun owners in this district threw her out of office by a jaw-dropping 13% of the vote!

Did the Senate flip on election night? Are the threats to our Second Amendment freedoms over? No, they are not.

But we sent a loud message to Gov. Cuomo and his America hating allies in Albany — that the days of them attacking our gun rights and not paying a price for it ARE OVER!

Here in New York, that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do to fight to defend our right to keep and bear arms. But we also need to get ready for a major fight in Albany next session as Gov. Cuomo’s radicals still have a majority in both chambers.

That’s why it’s vital that you renew your membership for 2021, so that we have the ammo we need to FIGHT in Albany next session!

Some of the bills that we are going to have to fight against next session include:

*** Senator Sanders legislation that would require gun owners to submit to a mental health checkup every time they go to buy a firearm!

This is so evil, so unAmerican, I can hardly believe it, as it would allow Governor Cuomo to target his political enemies with bogus accusations, just like the dictators of the 20th century did in Russia, China, Germany, and more.

*** Senator Kaplan’s legislation that would make you a FELON for building guns in your own home using 80% lowers or for owning any firearm that does not have a serial number!

While this this legislation passed the Senate earlier this year, we have stopped it in the Assembly for now. Home build firearms are extremely popular and do nothing to increase crime. And many gun owners have inherited firearms from their parents that don’t have serial numbers.

*** Senator Parker’s legislation that would force you to surrender your social media log-in credentials and three years of your Google search engine history before obtaining a permit to buy a handgun!

State officials would then have months to look at your online history, to look for ‘offensive’ or ‘hateful’ speech. If you’ve posted more than three offensive posts, you’ll lose your gun rights and be denied a permit!

Sadly this is far from the end of their agenda, as Gov. Cuomo and his allies in Albany want to completely disarm every single one of us!

We’ve got to stand up and fight — and fight HARD!

That means direct mail.

That means targeted social media.

And that means massive amounts of emails.

And that’s why I hope that you will renew your membership in the New York State Firearms Association immediately, to ensure that we can keep fighting for you next session!

But I must be honest, the programs we ran exposing radical gun-grabbers like Kevin Thomas, Jen Metzger, Monica Martinez and others were very successful — but also very expensive.

The good news is that you’ve already seen how effectively your support has been used in stopping gun control this year and in exposing gun-grabbers — who were then booted out of office!

You already know that unlike every other group (and most of the politicians in this state) the New York State Firearms Association FIGHTS LIKE HELL for gun owners and WE WIN!

That’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership for 2021 with a Patriot Level membership of $125!

I know that’s asking a lot, but we are going to be in the fight of our lives to defend our gun rights in just a few weeks. And our children and grandchildren are counting on you and me to stand and fight for their freedoms — just like our forefathers did for us!

So if $125 is simply not possible, I hope that you will consider a Freedom or Liberty level membership instead.

I’m happy to announce that any NYSFA member who renews for $75 or higher will receive a newly redesigned T-Shirt absolutely free, as our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for your support!

Michael Bloomberg and the rest of the radical left have been waiting for this day ever since President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton — and they are going to do everything they can to destroy our Second Amendment if Biden wins.

It’s time to stand up and fight back! Please renew your membership for 2021 TODAY!

For New York State,

 Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association


P.S. As I write this, it appears that Joe Biden and the radical left — aided by over $100,000,000 from Michael Bloomberg  –- are about to steal the election from President Trump!

Gun owners need to hold the line in the Senate, and that’s where we will be fighting come January.

Here in New York State, at least four State Senators were defeated by gun owners after the NYS Firearms Association exposed their votes using digital ads — sending a loud message to Gov. Cuomo and his allies in Albany!

But there’s still a major battle coming next session as the radical left wants to ban ‘home build’ guns, pass mental health gun control, and much more!

Help us hold the line for freedom in 2021 by renewing your NYSFA membership today –- remember that all Lifetime, Patriot and Freedom level memberships come with free gear!

Thank you, in advance, for standing up for freedom in New York State!