Gun Control Mega Bill Filed in Congress!

This is so much worse than we knew.

Recently, we warned you about H.R. 127, a gun control bill that one of Nancy Pelosi’s trusted allies was expected to file in the House, that dealt with registering your guns and ammunition.

As we told you then, the exact bill language was not yet publicly available, but that the bill title and summary documents made it clear that it was a registration bill.

But just days ago, the full bill text of H.R. 127 was unveiled, and this may be the biggest attack on our gun rights that I have ever seen in my thirteen years of fighting against gun control!

 We will be breaking this bill down in future emails, but I wanted to get this information to you, so you can take action against this bill RIGHT AWAY!

Oppose H.R. 127 NOW!

If Nancy Pelosi is able to pass this legislation, it would CRUSH the Second Amendment in America as we know it. That’s because H.R. 127 would instruct the Attorney General to:

>>> Mandate Civil Liability Insurance for All Gun Owners

>>> Create a National Firearms License

>>> Require a Mental Health Exam for All Gun Owners

>>> Ban all Magazines That Hold Over 10 Rounds of Ammunition

>>> Establish a Federal Ammunition Registry

>>> Ban All .50 Caliber Ammunition

>>> Construct a National Firearms Registry

My jaw hit the floor when I read this. We knew that Nancy Pelosi  and Chuck Schumer were going to launch a massive attack on our gun rights, but this is even bigger than we expected!

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 The civil liability provisions of this legislation alone would effectively end the private ownership of firearms — as Joe Biden’s DOJ would attack any insurance company who dared offered that coverage, just like Andrew Cuomo did to CarryGuard here in New York.

And what do you think your chances of passing a psychological exam would be, when the questions are designed to flag people who love God, America, and our Second Amendment as ‘potential security threats?’

Of course, if you get through all of the hurdles above and were actually able to obtain a national firearms license through Merrick Garland’s office (Biden’s presumed Attorney General), every bullet you buy and every gun you own would be added to a massive federal database.

 This legislation is designed for just one purpose: to disarm an entire country of gun owners, reducing us to helpless serfs who are powerless against criminals and tyrants alike!

Take Action Now!

The NYS Firearms Association is using every tool at our disposal to get the word out about this legislation and create a massive grassroots firestorm of opposition to this bill.

Please help us!

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The America-hating socialists in Congress that are pushing this bill want to destroy the Second Amendment once and for all, and this bill would do exactly that.

Take action today!

For New York State,

 Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association 

P.S. The details of H.R. 127 were just revealed, and this legislation is far worse that we first knew! In fact, this could be the biggest gun control bill that we’ve ever seen!

Help us defeat H.R. 127 — sign your petition against it NOW!

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