Help Stop Kathy Hochul’s Massive Ammo Tax in Albany!

These little tyrants just can’t help themselves.

With violent predators wreaking havoc across the state and sending New York’s violent crime rates into the stratosphere, rational politicians would spend their time passing bills designed to bring crime rates down and locking up criminals.

But as we all know, the communist wing of the Democratic Party in Albany is far from rational. In fact, they like the violent crime rates that are destroying New York State — they use it as an excuse to push for even more gun control laws.

And that’s exactly why Kathy Hochul’s radicals in Albany have unveiled S-8415/A-9563, legislation that would impose a massive tax on every round of ammunition that is sold in New York State!


This new legislation would DOUBLE the cost of .22 ammunition by slapping it with a $.02 per round tax hike, while every other type of ammunition would face a whopping $.05 tax increase!

Of course, this won’t do ANYTHING to stop violent criminals from robbing, raping, and murdering innocent New Yorkers.

It would simply make ammunition — which is already terribly expensive and very difficult to find across the state — unaffordable for many New Yorkers grappling with 10% inflation and a flatlined economy.

This, of course, is the goal of this legislation. Kathy Hochul and the politicians who run things here in Albany hate gun owners like you and me and they are trying to attack us any way they can!

Help us stop this legislation by signing the petition we have prepared for you, so your State Senator and State Assemblyman know exactly where you stand.


Please understand that if enough gun owners take action and oppose this bill, I believe we can defeat it. You see, the Democrats in Albany (and across America) know that the November midterms are going to be extremely hard on their party.

Between soaring crime rates, staggering inflation, and his insane masking policies, Joe Biden has run his party into the ground, risking their control of Congress in D.C.

Here in New York State, many Democrats in Albany secretly fear that Biden may cost them control of the State Senate. And a credible poll from last week shows Kathy Hochul trailing contenders in a head-to-head match-up!

So for politicians in vulnerable districts — and for party leaders nervous about losing control of the Senate — the LAST THING they want to vote on is a bill to raise taxes on ammunition!

And the more pressure they feel from gun owners, the more they are going to understand that any vote against our gun rights right now will only come back to haunt them in November.

So sign your petition immediately!


The tyranny that our country experienced over the last 18-months from the radical left and the unelected bureaucrats who ran so much of our state and our nation was incredible.

Biden’s handlers thought Americans would simply give in and comply, letting them get away with it. Instead, their actions had the opposite effect, and the American people are furious, chomping at the bit to go vote this year — and that is doubly true here in New York.

Now is the time to stand up and FIGHT BACK against this legislation and the rest of Kathy Hochul’s war on gun owners!

So please immediately sign your petition against S-8415/A-9563 and then, when you’re done, please make a donation so the NYS Firearms Association has the resources we need to fight back in Albany!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Governor Hochul and the communists who run the legislature here in Albany are trying to cripple gun owners with a massive new tax on ammunition ($.05 per round) that would make it harder than ever for gun owners to buy ammunition! 

But a growing number of gun-grabbers in Albany think that passing ANY gun control right now only makes it more likely that they will lose control of the State Senate this fall.

So if gun owners can pour enough pressure on the politicians, we have a good chance of defeating S-8415/A-9563! That’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition against it immediately!


And, if you can, please make an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so we can flood Albany with calls, emails, and petitions against this trash legislation!

Donate here!