It’s Time for the ATF to be Shut Down for Good!

Last month, the ATF admitted that they have a database of almost 1,000,000,000 firearms on file, with 85% of those records being in digitized format, and in violation of federal law!

Just a few weeks ago, the ATF raided an Amish farm in Pennsylvania and seized hundreds of firearms from a farmer for selling his private collection — claiming he should have become a dealer and acquired an FFL.

In June of this year, the ATF intends to publish their ‘Final Order’ making it a crime to have an unserialized 80% lower receiver, even though Congress never banned them!

In August of this year, the ATF will be publishing another ‘Final Order’ making it a federal crime to attach a pistol brace to a firearm. In their benevolence, they will let gun owners keep them, but installing them will land you in prison.

The ATF has always been a scandal-ridden agency that preyed on gun owners, while arming the Mexican drug cartels. But these days, everyone knows that this agency is completely out of control and needs to be SHUT DOWN!


Thankfully there is legislation in Congress right now that would do exactly that: abolish the ATF forever. Some of the most pro-gun members of Congress have already cosponsored H.R. 3960, but we need to build more support for this legislation.

When passed into law, H.R. 3960 will:

>>> Require the ATF to publish a list of every firearm they have confiscated and sell them to the American people through a public auction!

>>> Disperse the money from the sale of these firearms to the families of border patrol agents killed in the line of duty as a result of Operation Fast and Furious!

>>> Immediately repeal all ATF regulations and permanently rescind their hiring authority, shifting their regulatory functions back to the FBI!


Eliminating the ATF is the ONLY WAY to ‘fix’ them. They hate the Second Amendment, they despise law-abiding gun owners, they think they are above the law, and their actions have resulted in the death of HUNDREDS of people via the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal.


This bill has the support of pro-gun members of Congress like Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Paul Gosar (R-TX), Ralph Norman (R-SC) and others. But it’s time that Republicans from our Congressional delegation add their name to this bill, too!

Our freedom is under attack in a way that Americans haven’t experienced in hundreds of years. The tyrants of our Founding Fathers’ era were called ‘Red Coats,’ and they worked for a king thousands of miles away.

These days, they are called ‘ATF Agents’ and they work for a tyrant in our own government, sitting in our own White House!

And with Joe Biden unable to pass federal gun control through the U.S. Senate, his only option is to declare war on gun owners through Executive Orders and the Department of InJustice — using the ATF as his foot soldiers!

That’s why organizations like the New York State Firearms Association (and our national affiliate the American Firearms Association) are leading the charge to get rid of this agency with legislation like H.R. 3960 — and I hope that you will join us in this fight.


After you’ve contacted your Congressman, please consider making a generous donation so that we can continue to fight against the ATF!  

The enemies of freedom have a limitless budget, given to them by Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and many others. To be blunt, we need your immediate help to push for this legislation.

Our children and grandchildren are either going to inherit an America where ‘We the People’ are in charge of our government, or an America where the government rules over us by force and fear.

If we lose our precious Second Amendment freedoms — our very right to defend ourselves — then we’re just a step away from outright tyranny! Help us fight back with a donation today!


This is our country! Fight for it! Now is the time!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The ATF is absolutely out of control and has become nothing more than Joe Biden’s attack dogs, harassing law-abiding gun owners every day. Now, they are about to begin enforcing Biden’s Executive Orders against us — orders that never passed Congress. 

Thankfully, H.R. 3960 has recently been filed in Congress, and would eliminate the ATF after a six-month period! This is how we fix the ATF; we close their doors forever!

This bill has the backing of some of the most pro-gun legislators in Congress. Now it’s time that New York’s Republican delegation supports this bill by co-sponsoring it. Tell them to support it by sending your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right away!


Then donate! The New York State Firearms Association and our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, is LEADING this fight, but we can’t do it without your help. Everything we love about America is on the line!

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