Last Minute Gun Control Deals Underway in Albany!

Governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting a multi-front war for his own political survival as the world learns about his complete mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic and the sexual assault allegations that almost a dozen women have brought against him.

Most of the legislature in Albany has called for his resignation, as have many leading Democrats in Washington, D.C.

But it would be a mistake to assume that Cuomo is on his way out of the Governor’s mansion, and it would be an even bigger mistake to assume that he lacks the power to pass his gun control agenda during the last month of the 2021 session!  

On the contrary, for gun owners like you and me, we need to fight harder than ever before to hold the line in Albany as you’ll read below.

And that’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition that we have prepared for you. More on that in a moment. First, I want to give you some context on what’s going on in Albany right now.

Andrew Cuomo hates gun owners, he hates the Second Amendment, and he hates the freedom that this great country was founded on — which is why he’s spent his career trying to disarm as many gun owners as he possibly can.

But the hard truth is that Albany is rapidly filling up with AOC-style communists who are pushing gun control bills that are so aggressive, even Governor Cuomo is concerned that signing them would hurt him and his party during the 2022 elections

This inter-party war (just like the war that is taking place in Congress between Nancy Pelosi and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is THE REASON why many of Cuomo’s former colleagues have turned on him.

These freedom-hating socialists don’t care what he’s done to women in his office or how his policies got so many people killed in nursing homes that were overwhelmed with Covid-19 last year.

This is a political negotiating tactic, nothing more!  

The bargain is very simple: if Governor Cuomo agrees to support the insane gun control bills that he’s been quietly opposing behind closed doors then the Democrats in Albany will stop demanding his resignation and let him stay in power.

That’s why gun owners are in more danger now than many might realize, because if this political deal goes through, we could see quick action on the four pieces of legislation below. 

>>> Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s bill (A-449) which would mandate a ten day waiting period on the sale of every single firearm in New York State.  

    Imagine how many people bought a long gun in New York last summer, with violent riots breaking out across the state and across the country. This legislation would either force them to risk their lives by waiting ten days, or face charges!

>>> Assemblyman Nick Perry’s bill (A-581) which would force gun owners to obtain civil liability insurance before they could carry a handgun for self-defense!

    This is utter madness, and completely unconstitutional. No insurance underwriter would issue this sort of coverage, meaning this legislation would effectively end ALL concealed carry in New York State, for those who can obtain a permit.

>>> Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s second bill (A-476) which would make it a crime for anyone under 21 to possess a firearm, with almost no exceptions!

    Under this legislation, your 20-year old daughter or granddaughter would be facing criminal charges if she shot a would-be rapist with your gun! Similarly, if your son or grandson was home on leave from Ft. Drum, he would be a criminal for something as simple as going hunting!

>>> Senator Persaud’s bill (S-314) which would make you a felon for the ‘crime’ of buying more than 20 rounds of ammo for many different types of firearms!

Of course, violent criminals who have caused New York State’s violent crime rate to EXPLODE this year wouldn’t be affected by this garbage legislation in the least. But for law abiding gun owners, it would turn our firearms into paperweights.

THIS is what the tyrants in Albany want to see passed into law this session! They know that passing these bills won’t stop a single violent crime. But it will make it easier for them to accomplish their long-term goal of disarming every law abiding gun owner in New York State!

Sign Your Petition Against Cuomo’s Agenda NOW!

Governor Cuomo would love to sign these bills into law and get the Democrats in Albany (and Congress) off of his back.

But as I mentioned, we also know that Cuomo is concerned that signing these bills would cost him his job during the 2022 elections, and that it may lead to a flip of the State Senate.

That’s why insiders report that Cuomo is actively trying to recruit a handful of moderate Republicans to support these bills in Albany.

Cuomo knows that getting even just a handful of Republicans on these bills will allow him to deflect blame at election time, under the guise of bi-partisanship, allowing him to pass the gun control bills listed above and save his job at the same time.  

That’s why it’s urgent that you sign YOUR OFFICIAL petition right away, so that we can show the politicians in Albany that voting for any of these gun control bills will come back to haunt them at election time!

If the remaining centrist Democrats see a massive grassroots opposition to these bills and tell their caucus leaders that they are a ‘NO’ vote, we can stop them.

The same is true for the moderate Republicans.

If they see how organized gun owners are against these bills, they will be forced to withdraw their support, and deny Cuomo the bi-partisan support that he needs.  

So whether your politicians are Republicans or Democrats, now is the time to GET LOUD and send a message that voting for any part of this gun control agenda will be dangerous to anyone in a swing district in 2022!

And this is no vain threat, either.

The politicians in Albany still wince when they think about former Senators Jen Metzger and Monica Martinez who lost their seats during the election last fall after NYSFA exposed their votes for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ deadly ‘Safe Storage’ laws, and Cuomo’s bail reform nightmare!

So please sign your official petition TODAY!

But I hope that you’ll also consider making a generous donation to help the NYS Firearms Association keep FIGHTING FOR YOU!

Unlike the gun control organizations that we are up against in Albany, the NYS Firearms Association is not funded by a billionaire from New York City. Every dime of our support comes from freedom-loving gun owners like YOU!    

That’s why I hope you’ll consider an immediate donation of $100 so that we can keep the pressure on full blast in Albany!

Through our massive email, direct mail, and social media programs, the NYS Firearms Association is pouring emails and petitions into the legislature as we work to hold the line.

But the legislature is scheduled to run for at least another month, and with the budget in the rearview mirror, issues like gun control will be at the forefront from now until adjournment.

We can’t let off the gas for a moment!

So if $100 is just not an option right now, I hope that you will seriously consider $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford

If we stand together, we can SHUT DOWN the freedom crushing gun control agenda that the tyrants in Albany are trying to force us to submit to. But we need to act fast!  

So please sign your petition right away -– and please consider a contribution to help us FIGHT BACK!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. With the budget done, Governor Cuomo is hoping to get the democrats to stop calling for his resignation by giving them everything they are asking for where radical gun control is concerned!

The gun control bills in Albany are the worst bills that we have ever seen! But if even one sellout Republican supports them, Cuomo will try to push them through this session.

So please SIGN YOUR OFFICIAL PETITION against every piece of the gun control agenda that’s on the move in Albany, today!

Sign Your Petition Against Cuomo’s Agenda NOW!

And I hope that you’ll also consider a donation of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that the NYS Firearms Association can keep FIGHTING FOR YOU AND FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT!