Major Update from NYSFA: Please Read It Word for Word

The end of the year is right around the corner, and the legislature will reconvene in just a few weeks. But we still haven’t received your membership renewal for 2022!

If you’ve already renewed your support online or through the mail — and our records just haven’t updated fast enough — I hope you’ll accept my apologies for this unnecessary reminder.

But if you haven’t had the time to renew your membership for 2022, I hope that you’ll take a moment to do so IMMEDIATELY, as gun owners in New York State are facing massive threats to our freedoms next year!

While our gun rights are ALWAYS under attack when the legislature is in session, it’s going to be different next year as Gov. Hochul is going ‘all in’ on passing gun control, trying to ensure that she doesn’t get another primary opponent.

Attorney General Tish James was primarying Governor Hochul because she wanted to advance an even more socialist political ideology — especially when it came to the Second Amendment.

Now that James has exited the race, Hochul and her handlers are determined to move to the left as fast as they can on guns. They hope that by having Hochul take a hard line on gun control, they can prevent any other Democrat from primarying her.

The only good news is that while Hochul may be moving to the left to prevent another primary and secure her party’s nomination, there is a growing number of Democrats in Albany who are growing nervous about their own re-election chances.

The election results out of Virginia and New Jersey last month was a wake-up call to gun-grabbers around the country.

That’s why, here in New York State, politicians (especially in the State Senate) in vulnerable districts are increasingly worried about passing gun control next session without at least some bi-partisan support!

So if gun owners can keep the heat WHITE HOT on the select Republicans who often betray us in Albany — along with the Democrats who are in ‘swing seats’ — we have a real chance at stopping Hochul’s entire gun control agenda next session!

Help us do that, by renewing your membership right away.

But if we don’t HAMMER on these politicians with calls and emails beginning the day the 2022 session resumes, we’re likely going to see action on bills like:

1. AB-7771/SB-3018 — which would force gun owners to submit to a state-administered mental health exam before we could buy a firearm!

This bill has one purpose and that is to disarm the people of New York State once and for all. It is exactly what China’s Chairman Mao and Russia’s Stalin did before murdering millions of their own people.

2. AB-581/SB-7066 — which would force law abiding gun owners to purchase civil liability insurance before we can even apply for a pistol permit!

Besides being blatantly unconstitutional, the fact of the matter is that this insurance can not legally be sold here in New York thanks to former Governor Cuomo, and so this bill would effectively END handgun sales.

3. AB-449 –- which would force gun owners to wait ten days before buying a firearm or face criminal charges that could land you in prison for up to a year!

With violent crime surging to out-of-control level in cities all over New York State thanks to policies our state government enacted, the politicians in Albany are trying to make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners.

4. A-2116/SB-314 — which would make it a felony for New Yorkers to buy more than 60 rounds of ammunition every four months, for many different styles of firearms.

This is the sort of tyrannical ‘laws’ that you would expect to see in Communist China or a failed nation-state somewhere in the Middle East. No wonder it’s being pushed in both chambers of our legislature.

These aren’t just threats. And these aren’t just ‘statement bills’ filed by ghoulish leftists who are trying to please the gun control groups that put them in office. The politicians in Albany are actively trying to pass this trash into law!

If Hochul’s allies get the support of even a handful of RINO Republicans, they will do it. That’s why the NYS Firearms Association will be flooding the offices of key Senators with calls, emails, and petitions from gun owners in their districts!

Please help us run these crucial programs, by renewing your membership for 2022 right away!

Of course, NYSFA will continue to put pressure on our Congressional delegation, too. You see, the situation in D.C. is almost identical to what we are facing in Albany.

In both cases, nervous Democrats are looking for sell-out Republican moderates to give them bi-partisan support for gun control — to soften the blow on them in the 2022 midterms.

And while there are plenty of bills that Biden and Pelosi would like to pass, the primary two threats that we are facing if the Republicans give in and agree with them are:

>>> H.R. 8/S. 529, Biden’s ‘Universal Background Check legislation that would require gun owners to get permission from the government before transferring a firearm to anyone!

Of course, the real purpose of this legislation is simple: it would provide Joe Biden and future anti-gun Presidents a list of every gun owner in America, while making felons out of Americans who don’t comply.

This bill passed the House with bi-partisan support, but is currently stalled in the Senate.

>>> H.R. 2377/S. 1819, Biden’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill that would enact New York-styled gun confiscation laws across the country, allowing liberal judges to disarm Americans who have never set foot in court, let alone been convicted of a crime.

New Yorkers know all-too-well how evil this legislation is. But what makes this bill so dangerous is how many Republicans are openly supporting it! We need to hammer back against it!

This bill has just passed out of the Judiciary Committee and may be voted on in the full House at any moment.

And if helping us fight back against the crazed gun control agenda being shoved down our throats in Albany and in Congress wasn’t enough to get you to renew your membership for 2022, don’t forget that the critical midterm elections are already on the horizon!

Most gun rights organizations beg politicians to do the right

thing during the legislative season, and then just mope on the sidelines if the politicians ignore them and vote for gun control.

Not the New York State Firearms Association.

We take pleasure in taking the fight for freedom to the enemies’ districts in the fall, making sure they pay the price for every vote they’ve ever cast in support of gun control!

Any way you look it, 2022 is going to be one of the most pivotal years in memory when it comes to our gun rights. But fighting to defeat gun control in Albany and D.C., while still having a budget to expose gun grabbers at election time, is going to get expensive.

That’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership in the NYS Firearms Association before it expires on December 31st!

The amount of your renewal is entirely up to you. Some New Yorkers have renewed as Liberty Level members for $35. Others have selected Freedom Level memberships for $75. Some have chosen Patriot Level memberships for $125, and others have become Lifetime members!

America is the freest nation on earth thanks to the courage of our forefathers. Now our grandchildren are counting on us to pass these freedoms down to them. Help us do that; renew your support membership in the New York State Firearms Association for 2022!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. In just a few weeks, the NYS Firearms Association will be engaged in a massive fight to shut down Kathy Hochul’s gun control agenda in Albany, while also keeping the heat on our Republican Congressional delegation as we work to crush Biden’s agenda in D.C.!

If we lose these fights — and the radical left is able to pass any of their gun control next year — then the freest nation on earth will begin a quick slide into tyranny and darkness.

We must fight back and stop them! So if you have already renewed your membership in NYSFA for 2022, thank you for standing with us. But if you haven’t, click below to renew your membership today!

Of course, any membership renewal of $75 or higher comes with a free T-Shirt. So please be sure to select your shirt size on your renewal form, if you qualify for one.