Massive Gun Control on the Move in Albany!

The 2022 session of the New York State legislature will be kicking off in just a couple of weeks, and Governor Hochul and her allies are already gearing up for a major gun control push.

What Hochul and her pals in Albany should be doing is apologizing to honest New Yorkers for the horrific policies they have implemented that have led to an explosion in violent crime.

But instead of doing that and repealing the bail reform nightmare they caused, Hochul and the radical leftists in Albany are trying to push AB-7771 into law this session.


AB-7771 is the kind of bill that would make China’s Chairman Mao smile. It’s designed to DESTROY the Second Amendment rights of millions of New Yorkers, leaving us helpless against criminals and tyrants alike.

It does that by adding a massive list of requirements before you would be ‘allowed’ to buy a rifle or shotgun. Some of these details include:

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide notarized proof that you’ve passed a state-administered mental health exam before you can buy any rifle or shotgun!

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide notarized proof that you’ve passed a state-administered drug test before you can buy a rifle or shotgun!

>>> Requiring gun owners to submit to a five-hour safety course every time you want to buy a shotgun or rifle, including a live fire shooting test where you need to score at least 90% to be able to possess the gun!

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide a receipt, documenting the safe that you’ll store the rifle or shotgun in should you be allowed to purchase it.

You see, if you’ve been able to jump through all the hoops listed above and actually buy a long gun, the statist thugs in Albany want to make sure that you could never access it in time to defend yourself against a criminal.  


This bill won’t stop a single criminal from robbing, raping, or murdering his way across New York State. Criminals will ignore all of these, like they’ve ignored New York’s existing gun control laws.

But make no mistake, this legislation was never designed to stop violent criminals. It was designed to stop gun owners like you and me from being able to defend ourselves against criminals and tyrants!

Many gun rights organizations are afraid to talk about this. But the truth is that our gun rights have nothing to do with hunting. And while guns are the best tool for stopping criminals, even that isn’t the primary reason for the Second Amendment.

The real reason for the Second Amendment, the reason why our Founding Fathers codified this God-given right into our Constitution, is because it’s the final protection against overt tyranny! 

Today’s raging socialists in Congress — and right here in our own state legislature — understand this. They know that before they can turn America into a socialist dictatorship, they have to deal with 100 million citizens who own 400 million guns.

That’s what legislation like AB-7771 is designed to do: set up the process to subjugate proud gun owners in America and ultimately disarm every single one of us.

Don’t let Governor Hochul and the thugs in Albany pass this, sign your petition against this tyranny now.


The good news is that Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers are scaring Democrats around the nation, as the 2022 elections are already coming into view.

So the last thing that politicians in vulnerable districts want to do is vote for such a horrific gun control bill this year. In fact, some insiders are afraid that backing this bill may cost Senate Democrats control the State Senate!

That’s why I think that we can defeat this wicked legislation if enough gun owners stand with us and flood the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions opposing it!

Once you’ve signed your petition, I hope you’ll make an immediate donation so that the NYS Firearms Association can fight hard against this bill!

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The legislature will be reconvening very soon, so please sign your petition right away!

And if you haven’t renewed your membership for 2022, time is running out, so please do it right away!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The legislature will be back in session in Albany and Governor Hochul and the thugs who run our legislature are pushing AB-7771, which would crush our gun rights in New York State!

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign the petition we’ve prepared for you opposing this bill and reminding gun-grabbers in vulnerable districts that voting for this bill may cost them their job in November!


After you’ve signed your petition, please make a donation to help the NYS Firearms Association start cranking up the heat on the politicians in Albany.