Must Watch: Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in Albany!

Kathy Hochul’s war against gun rights is never ending.

Her latest bill (AB-3855/SB-5763) may be the worst gun control bill ever filed in America — and that’s saying something.

From mental health checks to drug checks, insane shooting tests and deadly storage requirements, this bill was designed to END the Second Amendment here in New York State for good!

And what’s more, it’s gaining co-sponsors here in Albany.

Please watch the video below for all the details on this bill and to get the information you need to fight back against it.

As you just heard, the impact of this bill is hard to quantify. And while we would sue over this bill, fighting in court takes years — far better to pour pressure on vulnerable politicians!

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For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association