New York: Stand-Your-Ground Filed in Albany!

I’m tired of always being on defense here in New York State. And I’ll bet you are, too.

Sure, a big part of our job is fighting to stop gun control in Albany (which we are doing right now) and dragging Kathy Hochul into Federal Court to undo the damage that she did last year.

But we need to go on the offensive, too!

And I’m proud to say that the NYS Firearms Association is doing exactly that, filing Stand-Your-Ground law in the Senate and the Assembly. In fact, our bill was just heard in committee!

Senator George Borrello is leading this fight in the Senate with (S-1120), with the support of five other Republican Senators.

Assemblyman David DiPietro has filed the companion bill in the lower chamber.

Now we need your involvement to help us get as many cosponsors as possible!

Please sign your petition right away, urging your State Senator and Assemblyman to cosponsor S-1120/A-5433!


But first, let me give you more information on what this legislation would do, and why we need it so badly here in New York State!

By now you’ve probably heard the story of Jose Alba, the NYC bodega employee who was savagely attacked by a thug half his age, after Alba told him his credit card was declined.

Alba, fearing he was about to be beaten to death and unable to use a handgun in NYC, pulled a knife and stabbed his attacker, killing him. Even though the entire incident was captured on camera, Alba was arrested on a charge of murder!

That is because New York State doesn’t have Stand-Your-Ground law, so Alba was required to retreat, not defend himself.

38 states have Stand-Your-Ground law! NY and the other states in blue on this map do not, and these are some of the most dangerous states in America!

Our Stand-Your-Ground legislation would change that by:

  • Removing the requirement that you must retreat from a violent criminal before you can defend yourself, allowing  you to ‘stand-your-ground.’

    The last thing you should do when confronted by a violent criminal who wants to beat, rape, or kill you is to turn your back on them! This bill would remove the requirement to retreat from ‘any place you are lawfully present.’

  • Providing critical criminal immunity protections to a gun owner who uses justifiable force in defense of his own or another’s life.

    The bill clarifies that unless there is probable cause that you broke the law, you cannot be arrested just because a Soros-backed prosecutor wants to ruin your life.       

  • Establishing critical civil immunity protections for gun owners who use appropriate levels of force in self-defense.

    The last thing you should have to worry about after being forced to defend yourself against a violent criminal, is whether or not he’s going to bankrupt you in civil court. Our legislation would prevent that.

  •  Including protections for gun owners who threaten to use force while attempting to deescalate a dangerous situation.

    As gun owners, shooting someone in a defensive situation is the last thing we want to do. But if we successfully deescalate a situation, there are no legal protections for us. In fact, we could go to prison for brandishing.

As you can see, passing S-1120/A-5433 would completely reshape New York’s self-defense laws and provide gun owners with critical protections that gun owners in thirty-eight other states already enjoy! 

This cannot wait…violent crime is OUT OF CONTROL!

And that’s why it’s so important that you sign your petition now!


Rochester’s homicide rate has gone up 126% in the past 5 years, making it the most dangerous city in America, per capita.

Syracuse has seen an explosion in the number of reported rapes; now at a staggering 96 reported per 100,000 population!

And if you’ve been through Albany recently — especially near the Capitol — you won’t be surprised to hear that armed robberies there are up 38% from previous years!  

This shouldn’t be a surprise. This was the expected result of the policies that Kathy Hochul and the Radical Left in Albany have enacted since 2018. They knew this would happen.

That’s why Hochul did away with cash bail requirements and maintained a years-long war on the police…to create this.

Stand-Your-Ground law would allow law abiding New Yorkers to defend themselves without having to worry about being locked away in prison for the ‘crime’ of self-defense.

In fact, just passing this law would get the attention of violent thugs, which is why we need you to sign your petition immediately!


But there are political reasons to push this bill, too.

You see, just filing this bill helps us get the politicians in Albany on the record for or against your gun rights!

As gun owners, we know that the Democrats here in New York State hate us and our Second Amendment freedoms. The question is, which Republicans can we trust to fight for us.

One easy way to find out the answer to that question is by observing which politicians co-sponsor Stand-Your-Ground law, and how they vote for it on the floor?

And with primary elections already on the horizon, we need to know the answer to these questions!

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign your petition, so the politicians in Albany (especially the Republicans) know gun owners like you and me expect them to do more than talk about being pro-gun — we expect them to act!  

Your signed petition helps us send that message.

And in addition to that, the NYS Firearms Association is trying to inundate the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions all urging pro-gun lawmakers to support this bill!

State Senator George Borrello (R) and NYSFA’s Aaron Dorr doing a video update about Stand-Your-Ground law!

We are using a variety of tools to mobilize gun owners across the state.

From text messages to our massive email program, to direct mail updates like this one you are reading…it’s a full court press!  

But to run this program at the size we need, I need your help.

That’s why, after you’ve signed your petition, I hope you’ll include a donation of $100 or even $150.

If that’s not possible right now, please at least consider a gift of $50, $25 or even just $5!

Either way, please take action TODAY!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. While we are battling with Kathy Hochul in Federal Court, the NYS Firearms Association is also taking the fight to the gun grabbers in Albany!

That’s why we’ve filed Stand-Your-Ground law in the Senate and the Assembly! Now we need to add co-sponsors to this bill. So please sign your petition immediately!


And when that’s done, please consider a donation of $100, $50, $17.76 or whatever amount you can afford so that we can mobilize as many gun owners as possible and FIGHT BACK in Albany!