NOT GUILTY on All Charges!

If you haven’t already heard, Kyle Rittenhouse was just found ‘NOT GUILTY’ on all charges by a Wisconsin jury, in a case that has captured the attention of the entire country!

Rittenhouse, who was offering emergency medical assistance and putting out fires that were being set by an out-of-control mob in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August, was forced to defend himself against three violent predators who attacked him.

Joe Biden condemned Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. National media outlets declared Kyle ‘guilty’ immediately. Jesse Jackson and the ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton attacked Rittenhouse and wanted him thrown into prison for the rest of his life.

Thankfully for Rittenhouse, the rule of law still applies in this country. And when the facts were examined, it was clear that Rittenhouse was the victim of an attack and was forced to defend himself.

Of course, here in New York State, we are required to retreat when confronted by a violented criminal before we can defend ourselves or our loved ones.

It’s insane.

But then again, many of the politicians in Albany support laws that protect criminals (like the Bail Reform nightmare) at the expense of law-abiding citizens like you and me.

That’s why the NYS Firearms Association continues to lead the fight for Stand-Your-Ground law in Albany, as well as defensive battles to stop more gun control bills from becoming law.

At times you may think the fight for gun rights can be a dry argument over the Framers intent, the meaning of the Second Amendment, or boring political debates on the floor of the legislature.

But make no mistake: real people’s live are impacted every day by the gun laws that we have on the books here in New York. And if we stop fighting, the laws are only going to get worse.  

The NYS Firearms Association is proud to lead this fight — and we’re proud as hell to fight for you!

Please continue to stand up and be counted in this fight for freedom, by renewing your membership in the NYS Firearms Association for 2022 if you haven’t already done so!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms AssociationA