NYSFA’s Plan to Expose Gun Grabbers in Albany!

The November elections are rapidly approaching.

And with everything that is going on in our state and country, these elections will be a defining moment in our fight to defend the Second Amendment (and the rest of our freedoms here in New York State) from the radical socialists who want to destroy it!

Having tasted complete control in Albany for two years, our America-hating Governor Andrew Cuomo is hoping to further cement his power, so that he can launch more attacks against our right to keep and bear arms over the next two years.

At the same time, with President Trump on the top of the ballot this year, 2020 represents a real chance for gun owners to hold anti-gun socialists accountable for voting against our gun rights!

Gun owners need to fight like hell to remind the politicians in Albany that they will pay a price for attacking our Second Amendment freedoms — or they will never stop!

That’s why the NYS Firearms Association team has been working for two weeks straight now, to develop our critical ‘2020 Plan for November.’

I believe it’s absolutely crucial you review it right away.

And with time running out, I’m counting on your generous financial support to help us put this plan into action.


As much as this is, it’s only a fraction of what liberal PACS and Michael Bloomberg will be spending trying to advance their gun control agenda this fall.

But time is running out — I need to hear from you as soon as possible!

Without your support, I’m afraid we could see some of the most aggressive socialists in New York State history attacking our precious Second Amendment freedoms next session.

I can’t begin to explain what a DISASTER that would be.

Some gun owners may be tempted to think that Cuomo and his anti-gun zealots have done their worst, that after passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ and the disastrous ‘Safe Storage’ laws of 2018, they may be content to leave gun owners alone.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, there are a mountain of gun control bills that Cuomo wants to pass if he can increase his grip on power in Albany, including:

>>> A-01724; from Assemblywoman Simon, which would make it a FELONY to buy more than 20 rounds of ammo at a time for certain firearms!

This legislation would effectively end your ability to buy .223 ammunition, making rifles in this caliber little more than paper weights.

>>> SB-1413; from Senator Parker, which would force you to surrender your social media log-in credentials and three years of your Google search engine history before obtaining a permit to buy a handgun!

State officials would then have months to look at your online history, to look for ‘offensive’ or ‘hateful’ speech. If you’ve posted more than three offensive posts, you’ll lose your gun rights and be denied a permit!

>>> SB-7065; from Senator Sanders, which would require gun owners to submit to a mental health checkup every time they go to buy a firearm!

This is so evil, so unAmerican, I can hardly believe it, as it would allow Governor Cuomo to target his political enemies with bogus accusations, just like the dictators of the 20th century did in Russia, China, Germany, and more.

And truth be told, I’m afraid even all this may not be the end of it as there are a dozen other gun bills being talked about for 2021.

That’s why gun owners need to STAND AND FIGHT NOW!

There are so many races all over our state where New York’s gun owners can make a difference, including:

>>>  Senate District 42.

Senator Jen Metzger won this seat in 2018 with just 51.8% of the vote, in a district that President Trump won in 2016. Metzger went on to vote for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in her first year in office, completely backing Cuomo’s gun control agenda. Metzger’s seat is perhaps the most vulnerable seat that the gun-grabbers control in Albany!

>>>  Senate District 22.

Senator Andrew Gounardes has held this seat for two years, only capturing 51% of the vote in 2018. But in those two years, he voted to make you a criminal for having a firearm by your bed at night as well as Cuomo’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws!

>>>  Senate District 6.

Senator Kevin Thomas took this seat recently by a mere 50.8%, and is terrified that gun owners are going to find out that he voted to criminalize self-defense in your own home with last year’s safe storage laws, and that he supported Cuomo’s ‘Red Flag’ law which allows your guns to be seized before you’ve been convicted of a crime!

This is just the beginning. There are 12 races that NYSFA believes could be ‘in play’ this fall. The outcome of these races will determine what happens to our gun rights for the next two years, at a minimum.

Our country is burning, literally, with armed thugs rioting in our streets, killing cops, and dividing our country, while liberal politicians do all they can to attack gun owners and the freedoms that we hold dear.

This is our time to FIGHT BACK! That’s why the NYSFA simply cannot pull any punches leading up to the November elections.

In fact, I’ve put together a four-part plan to ensure that no candidate can hide from their records, surveys, or public statements, including:

  • Some of the most aggressive digital ads ever seen in New York State allowing us to totally saturate key legislative districts and hammer away at radical socialists who are trying to hide their votes against our Second Amendment;
  • Two rounds of hard-hitting direct mail that will give gun owners the facts that anti-gun moderates are trying to hide about their voting record. And since it’s going to be mailed, Facebook can’t censor this;
  • A drastically ramped up statewide email program that will cover all 11 races that I referred to earlier. These emails will give dates, bill numbers, voting histories, everything gun owners need to hold gun-grabbers in Albany accountable!
  • Door-to-door lit drops in targeted districts that will give gun owners critical information while reminding gun grabbers that there is nothing the NYSFA won’t do to expose their records and defend our Second Amendment freedoms!

You’ve seen the plan. You’ve seen some of the races that we are focusing on. Now I have to ask you to dig deep so we can put this plan into action!

Time is running out, and we need to raise enough to fight back -– fast!

That’s why I hope that you will agree to a contribution of $100, $250, or even $500 immediately

I know that’s a lot, but our gun rights are under attack more than ever before, from both sides! We need to send a message that anyone who attacks our freedoms will be held accountable!

If $250 or $100 isn’t possible, please consider $75, $50, or at least $25

Whatever you can give, please decide as soon as you can!

It takes time to produce hard hitting videos, make digital ad buys, draft the direct mail, and put together lit drop flyers — we simply must have our final budget in place by October 6! 

The good news is that if we are successful in running this program, in hammering away at the record of anti-gun radicals, it will remind the politicians in Albany that there still is a price to pay if you vote against our Second Amendment freedoms!

The NYSFA is chomping at the bit to launch this program. But we can’t do it without your generous support.

So please consider most generous contribution at once

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. I’ve outlined the NYSFA’s 2020 ‘Plan for November’ program in greater detail below, please review it before deciding how much you want to commit to this program.

Then donate here!