Senate Passes Gun Control, House Voting Soon!

Late last night, the Senate voted to pass S. 2938, the massive gun control bill that was introduced just a few days ago.

Fifteen RINO Republicans stood with the Radical Left, like our own Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, to approve this legislation that takes a sledgehammer to our right to keep and bear arms!

Of course, everyone is hoping that they’ll skate on this vote with the NRA, since the word is out in Washington that the NRA helped write this horrendous bill.

I hope you’re letting these betrayals sink in deep.

The House is expected to vote on this legislation at around noon today. That means you have time for one last round of calls and emails to your Congressman demanding that they ‘VOTE NO!’

>>> Call your Congressman now: 202-224-3121 <<<

This gun control bill is 80-pages worth of attacks on your right to keep and bear arms…and Republicans are voting for it because the NRA has given them a pass even though the bill:

*** Funds ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ at the state level;
*** Mandates waiting periods on gun sales to younger Americans;
*** Expands the list of who can be disarmed via Lautenberg;
*** Targets juveniles via phony mental health designators;
*** Institutes ‘Minority Report’ level ‘gun trafficking’ rules.

This is the biggest gun control bill to move in this country in decades, maybe ever, and this is just the beginning. Pelosi has already promised that if they pass S. 2938, they’ll make a play to ban the sale of AR-15’s next!

After you’ve called your Congressman, please send them a final PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL using our Gun Rights Action Center link below.


If Congress — and especially the RINO Republicans in D.C. — can attack our gun rights without facing massive backlash from gun owners, they’ll only be encouraged to do it again later!

Thunder your opposition to this attack on your gun rights right away. Then get every other gun owner you know in your family, at work, from church, your gun club, everywhere, to do the same thing!

The vote is scheduled to take place at noon — don’t delay!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association