Support for Stand-Your-Ground in the Senate!

If you had told New Yorkers six months ago that Governor Cuomo was going to release almost 2,000 prisoners from jail and allow them to prey upon innocent New Yorkers, few would have believed you.

But in response to the Coronavirus — and as a favor to his radical base — that’s exactly what happened.

Hundreds of these released prisoners are violent felons, some were even behind bars awaiting trial for murder!

New York State needs Stand-Your-Ground law now, more than ever. And the good news is that a growing number of State Senators are pushing for this legislation for the first time!

Senator Rob Ortt (R-Niagara County) is the lead sponsor for this legislation and has worked tirelessly with us on bill drafting.

But he’s not alone.

Between the NYSFA’s lobby program in Albany and your relentless emails, the following Senators have added their name to this bill as a co-sponsor:

Senator George Borrello, Senator John Flanagan, Senator Joe Griffo, Senator Pam Helming, Senator Chris Jacobs, Senator Daphne Jordan, Senator Andrew Lanza, Senator Betty Little, Senator Thomas O’Mara, and Senator James Seward.

This is 50% of the Republican Senate conference! Thank you for all of your calls and emails, they are clearly working!

But if your Senator’s name is NOT on this list, you and I still have more work to do.

Right now, with almost no politicians occupying their offices in Albany, email is the best way to make your voice heard and the best way to keep the pressure up.

Please send your email in support of Stand-Your-Ground law now

Stand-Your-Ground law simply states that law abiding gun owners would no longer have to retreat before taking defensive action in the face of a violent criminal attack.

This legislation would also protect you from politically motivated prosecutions and frivolous civil lawsuits, provided that the force used was appropriate.

Thirty-six states already have Stand-Your-Ground law on the books, including many ‘blue’ states like California and Illinois.

It’s time we do, too!

Make your voice heard, send your email now

When you are done, I hope that you will consider joining the NYS Firearms Association as a member, if you haven’t already.

We are the only visible presence fighting for gun owners in Albany, and we are the only organization that is going on offense — taking the fight to the enemies of our beautiful Second Amendment!

And with the 2020 elections on the horizon, we need your support now more than ever! Now is the time!

To look at the various membership levels that we offer, please go here.

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
New York State Firearms Association

P.S. Support for Stand-Your-Ground law is exploding in the New York State Senate, with almost a dozen legislators already adding their name to the bill as a cosponsor.

Check out the list above!

If your Senator’s name is not listed, I hope you’ll immediately send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL and insist that he add his name today

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