Tell Your Congressman to Co-Sponsor H.R. 374!


In response to the ATF’s recent tyrannical rule on pistol braces, the American Firearms Association worked with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz to file legislation to abolish the ATF!

H.R. 374 was just introduced in Congress. It’s so new, the bill text hasn’t even been published yet. It’s one paragraph long and would close down the ATF for good.

ATF agents are thugs in uniform, and we all know it.

These ‘tough guys’ lack the guts to go after dangerous criminals, but if there’s a Mexican drug cartel to arm or an innocent gun owner’s home to raid, they’ll be there!


And with notorious gun-grabber Steve Dettelbach running the ATF and Joe Biden cranking out Executive Orders attacking gun owners one after the other, this agency is going to unleash on us.

That’s why our national affiliate the American Firearms Association and Congressman Matt Gaetz have filed this bill. It’s the only solution.

The ATF can’t be reformed, cleaned up, or saved.

This bill is already getting co-sponsors from some of the most pro-gun members of Congress. The question is, will New York’s congressional delegation support the bill?

Gun owners sent a message in 2022 and took back the House. But taking back the House was just the beginning. We want this GOP-lead chamber to FIGHT for law-abiding gun owners!

So please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Congressman today, and tell him/her to cosponsor H.R. 374 right away.


It doesn’t matter who your Congressman is. Our automated system will take your address and get the email to them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Please fire off your email today.

It’s vital that in states like New York, we condition our Congressional delegation to fight for gun rights! And that includes standing up to the bureaucratic thugs in the ATF!



While it’s important that we fight for our freedoms here in New York, we must also address the growing threat coming out of Washington, D.C.

While SAPA is the primary way to do that, it’s also high time that we close the doors on abusive agencies like the ATF!

Email your Congressman TODAY

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. With the ATF chomping at the bit to raid the homes of gun owners for ‘serious’ crimes like owning an unregistered pistol brace or an 80% lower, it’s clear the ATF needs to be shut down!

Our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, has worked with Congressman Matt Gaetz to file H.R. 374 which would abolish the ATF forever!

Email your Congressman and tell him/her to cosponsor this legislation right away. It’s time for the House to stand up and fight back for law-abiding gun owners!


Then chip in $17.76 to help us pour on the pressure in D.C., but especially here in Albany!