The Top Three Gun Control Bills Hochul Wants to Pass!

Kathy Hochul will never stop. 

Even while we fight in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the gun control bill she signed into law last year, Hochul is trying to pass three more bills this session!

With the budget fight almost over here in Albany, Hochul’s allies are expected to address gun control bills soon. And as we know from bitter experience, it is possible that they’ll try to pass these bills through both chambers on the SAME DAY! 

That’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition right away.

Hochul and her team claim they are crafting gun control bills that fit with the ‘historical use of firearms’ in this country — the standard that came from the Bruen decision.

But as you’ll see when you read about these bills down below, none of them fit that criteria. It’s not even close.

Regardless, Hochul’s plan is to rush them through the legislature the moment the budget is signed, hoping that most gun owners won’t hear about them until it’s too late.   

But even as she tries to do this, Hochul has some members of her own party who are concerned. They expect some or all of last year’s gun control bill to be repealed in light of Bruen — and they don’t want to give the courts even more ammo.

They are right to be concerned.

During oral arguments last month, Judge Lynch was openly asking Hochul’s lawyers how it could be that even fewer New Yorkers can carry firearms now than before the Bruen decision.

If Hochul’s response is to pass even more gun control, it would be an unmistakable sign of the contempt she has for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Democrats in swing seats don’t want to send this message, and they don’t want to have even more gun control votes to defend during the rough and tumble 2024 election cycle.   

That’s why I think we can defeat these bills if we stand together and flood Albany with grassroots heat.


If we don’t, Hochul and her freedom-hating allies in Albany will have no reason to hold back, and we could see votes overnight on legislation like: 

  • Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s bill (A-3314) which would force you to obtain civil liability insurance before you could carry a handgun for self-defense!

    This is completely unconstitutional, especially after the Bruen decision. Moreover, no insurance underwriters issue this sort of coverage, meaning this bill would effectively end ALL concealed carry in New York State.

  • Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon’s bill (A-1355) bill which would make you a felon for buying more than two times the capacity of your firearm every four months!

    This means that most of us will be limited to buying 60 rounds of ammo per year, per firearm! The goal of this bill is clear, to turn our guns into paperweights. But Simon already has sixteen cosponsors on this bill.
  • Assemblywoman Chantel Jackson’s legislation (A-3855) which would require gun owners to pass a state issued mental health exam and a drug test before each firearms purchase!

    Passage of this bill would result in massive numbers of gun owners being disarmed. Legislation like this comes straight out of 20th Century China and Germany, where political opponents were labeled as ‘mentally defective.’  

While the bills above are Assembly bills, each of them has a companion bill in the Senate and they have all been referred to the Code Committee — where all priority bills are sent!

This is why it’s so important that you sign your petition against these bills right away!


Passage of these bills wouldn’t do ANYTHING to stop violent criminals. It wouldn’t even slow them down. We all know that.    

Our 10-round magazine limit law hasn’t stopped criminals.

Our abusive permitting system hasn’t stopped criminals.    

And our ban on AR-15s hasn’t stopped criminals.

And the tyrannical bills I described above won’t be any different. But legislation like this isn’t being filed to even try to stop criminals. That’s not its purpose.

Like all of the gun control laws signed by Kathy Hochul, the three bills above have one purpose: to disarm law abiding New Yorkers and give the upper hand to violent criminals.

So please sign the petition we have prepared for you immediately, opposing these bills in Albany!  


Your petition tells your Assemblyman and State Senator that gun owners aren’t just going to fight to defend our freedoms in court, we’ll continue to meet them head on at the ballot box.

But after you sign your petition, if you are able, please also consider making a donation to help us fight back.

The NYS Firearms Association is beginning to lay out a massive mobilization program with the goal of sending 250,000 calls, emails, and petitions opposing these bills into the legislature in the next three weeks!


To do this, we’ll be using a couple of different tools.

First is our texting program. Our cutting edge system allows us to put alerts right onto the phones of over 100,000 gun owners in less than a day!

Second is our email program. Our program allows gun owners to send pre-written emails directly to their lawmakers. It’s potent. But we need to scale up this program. Fast!

Third is our digital advertising. While I despise Facebook, there is no cheaper way for me to alert 100,000 (or more) gun owners about what’s going on than by running digital ads on Facebook and social media platforms.

Fourth is our direct mail program. While letters like the one you are reading may seem old fashioned, the truth is that Big Tech can’t censor the mail. And nothing generates waves of signed petitions faster than a massive direct mail program.

As you can see, our program is ready to go. And it’s guaranteed to crank up the heat on vulnerable politicians in Albany — if we can afford to put it into place!

That’s why I hope you’ll consider a donation of $50 or even $100, to make sure that we have the ammo we need to fight for you in Albany before it’s too late.

I know it’s a lot.

But after everything we’ve spent battling Kathy Hochul in court this year, we just don’t have the money we need to get our program off the ground — at least not at the size it needs to be to be effective! 

And time is running out.

The budget deal is almost in place. In fact, by the time you read this email, the budget fight will likely be over, and we could have only six weeks left in the session.

So if $50 or #$100 is not possible, I hope that you’ll consider sending at least $25 or even $10 or whatever you can afford NOW!

As gun owners in New York State, we have two choices. We can throw up our hands in despair and give up. Or we can fight like hell to defend our freedoms for the next generation.

For me, that’s no choice. We’re going to fight!

Stand with us! Sign your petition and make a donation right away!!   

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. While we fight to overturn last year’s gun control law in court, we’re also doing everything we can to stop THIS YEAR’S gun control push in Albany before it’s too late.

From civil liability insurance and drug tests requirements for new gun owners, to ammo limitations on all of us, these three bills would destroy our gun rights!


But some swing-state Democrats don’t want to vote on these.

Help us fight back! Sign your petition right away, and then make a donation so that we can flood Albany with pressure against these bills!