This is How We Are Fighting Back Against Cuomo’s War on Gun Owners!

It’s time to stand and fight!

With the 2020 elections just over a month away, all eyes here in New York State are turning to a handful of State Senate races that will determine the future of our gun rights for the next two years in Albany.

You see, there are over half a dozen State Senators who have voted against our Second Amendment rights who won their races two years ago in districts that President Trump carried in 2016 — and that’s where the NYS Firearms Association is fighting!

For so many years prior to the NYS Firearms Association’s formation, Cuomo’s radicals attacked our Second Amendment freedoms in the Capitol but got off scot-free during the fall elections.

Sure, some organizations would give them a bad letter grade, but that was all. The NYS Firearms Association is far different. We fight hard, and we fight to win.

That’s why we are doing everything we can to expose anti-gun politicians in these targeted  districts, giving gun owners the facts that these politicians are so desperately trying to keep hidden between now and election day!

We’re doing this using the hardest hitting radio, digital, and TV ads that New Yorkers have ever seen.

The digital ad below is an example. This ad has been running in Senate District 6 for the last ten days, where Senator Kevin Thomas is deperately trying to hide the fact that he backs Governor Cuomo’s war against law abiding gun owners 100%.

I’m asking for your IMMEDIATE financial support to plaster ads just like these in targeted races across New York State using a combination of radio, TV, and digital ads, exposing the records of select anti-gun politicians!  

The copy is written.  The ads have been produced.  But we’re getting down to the wire, and I need your immediate help to run them in time to be effective.

Of course, Nassau County’s SD-6 is just one of the areas where we hope to expose these radical socialists.

Over in the Hudson Valley region, we are running this killer digital ad, exposing Senator Jen Metzger’s war against gun owners!

Metzger’s in the fight of her political life, hoping that gun owners forget about her votes in support of violent criminals and against our right to keep and bear arms!

You see, Jen Metzger supports Cuomo’s entire radical agenda, including her votes in favor of:

>>> S-01509; Cuomo’s ‘Bail Reform’ disaster that has wreaked havoc with New York’s legal system by allowing criminals to be processed and released from prison, after being arrested for violent crimes, without being required to post bail!

This catch-and-release system has already gotten innocent New Yorkers murdered, as these violent criminals have returned to the scene of their original crime to silence their victims before they could testify against them in court!

>>> S-02451; New York’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law which allows a liberal judge to order the seizure of your firearms before you have been charged, arrested or convicted of crime through secret, ex-parte court hearings.

This new law allows bitter personal enemies like your ex-spouse to weaponize the court system against you, making up allegations that you aren’t allowed to contest!

None of these laws have made New Yorkers safer, far from it. They are just a part of the radical left’s war against law abiding gun owners.

These people hate our Second Amendment freedoms and they want to destroy our gun rights on their way to turning America into a socialist nation where only the government can have guns!

Grassroots gun owners, like you and me, must stand and fight now to show the politicians in Albany that THEY WILL PAY A PRICE for voting against our right to defend ourselves and our families, or they will never stop their attacks on our gun rights!

The cost of running radio, TV, and digital ads in up to six State Senate races adds up very fast, as presidential and congressional campaigns are attempting to buy up every bit of airtime available.

But we can’t hold anything back.

After all, ads like these are a critical complement to our hard-hitting email and U.S. mail programs, which are already in the works.

Every single piece of mail we send out is designed to EXPOSE the record of some Bloomberg ally — records that these anti-gun politicians are desperately trying to hide from gun owners in their districts.

And there’s never been a better time to make this fight than right now, with President Trump on the ticket and driving voter turnout!

Gov. Cuomo and his pals are hoping that gun owners like you and me just throw up our hands and do nothing, believing that the situation is hopeless.

But for proud gun owners like you and me, that’s simply not an option.

Our Founding Fathers fought and died to make sure that this state — and this nation — would always protect our right to be able to defend ourselves from criminals and tryants!

Now our children and our grandchildren are counting on us to do our part, to make sure they will be able to protect themselves when they grow up.

But now that basic right of self-defense is under attack from a Governor who hates the Second Amendment and gun owners like you and me who so proudly fight to protect it for the next generation.

It’s time to lay it all on the line.

We’ve locked in an initial round of radio and TV ads in several of these Senate districts, but I am going to need your immediate help to fully fund this program in these districts and to be able to target the remaining Senate races on our list.

Can you please dig deep and agree to a generous donation of $100 today?

I know that for many, that’s a lot to ask for. But we’re in the fight of our lives here against Governor Cuomo and his radicals who won’t rest until they’ve destroyed our Second Amendment rights forever!

We need to fight back! We need to send a message! So if $100 is just too much, please agree to $75, $50 or at least $25.

Our Second Amendment freedoms and everything we love about New York State are hanging in the balance. Future generations are counting on us.  It’s time to stand and fight!

The New York State Firearms Association is ‘all in.’  Will you stand with us?

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 TODAY!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Election day is right around the corner and this cycle is OUR CHANCE to send a message to Governor Cuomo’s allies in Albany that there is a price to be paid when you vote to confiscate our guns, while defending criminals!

The NYS Firearms Association will being doing everything we can to expose the records of vulnerable State Senators in up to a half-dozen races, using a combination of radio, digital, and possibly TV ads!

I’m asking for your IMMEDIATE financial support to help me fully fund our entire radio, TV, and digital ad campaign budget so that I can rapidly increase the size and effectiveness of this statewide media blitz!

With time running out, please agree to an immediate contribution of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that the NYS Firearms Association can FIGHT!