UN Small Arms Committee Meeting Now!

While gun owners battle to save our right to keep and bear arms from tyrants in Congress and the White House, another threat is looming that requires your immediate attention, too. 

These domestic tyrants aren’t the only forces who want to disarm you. 

As you read this email, dictators from over 100 foreign countries are meeting to discuss the advancement of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty – which would subject OUR Second Amendment freedoms to the likes of Communist China and globalists around the world! 

What’s worse is that Joe Biden reversed the decision that President Trump made and has re-added America as an official signatory of the UN Small Arms Treaty, a necessary step before the United State Senate can vote on subjecting the American people to this treaty! 


The implications of a fully ratified U.N. Small Arms Treaty are staggering. And while the full document is still being finalized, at a minimum we know that the treaty would:  

>>> Establish a global firearm registry that would track the ‘end user’ of every single rifle, shotgun, and handgun sold in the world through an international database!

Last year, Biden handed the Taliban over $85,000,000 in American military hardware after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, but now he thinks that gun owners like you and me belong in an international gun registry. 

>>> Require that any disputes over the implementation or the enforcement of the treaty be adjudicated by an international tribunal of nations!

I don’t know about you, but the very thought of dictators and despots from around the world making decisions regarding the limits of any American’s right to keep and bear arms is absolutely enraging. 

>>> Establish a clearing house for ‘sample legislation’ that member nations would be expected to use to make sure that national laws comply with the terms of the treaty. 

In other words, the Chinese would expect us to shred our Second Amendment and replace it with legislation that is ‘more appropriate to the international community.’ 


(The United Nations Small Arms Treaty work group, meeting right now in Geneva, working on an international treaty that would disarm the American people!)

This is absolute madness! But this is exactly what Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want: to use the U.N. Small Arms Treaty to destroy the Second Amendment and remove the only country standing against globalism in the world!

The reason is simple. These people -– elements of our own government — hate this great country. They hate the Christian faith it was built on. And they hate the fact that our Founding Fathers gave us a Second Amendment in case our own government ever turned on us. 

But like I said earlier, ‘woke’ elites in D.C. aren’t the only ones who desperately want to disarm the American people with this treaty. 

Foreign governments like Communist China, socialist Europe, and 3rd world dictators around the globe are determined to bring Americans to our knees, because as long as we’re still standing, we inspire hope to oppressed people around the world!  

Think this could never happen here? Think again. 

In just the last two months, RINO Republicans have stabbed gun owners (and their country) in the back repeatedly. First when they helped Joe Biden allocate $750 million to bribe ‘red’ states into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ and then when they voted to push the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ through the House!

Between these traitors and the vengeful tyrant that we have in the White House right now, this is a disaster in the making! The only good news is that Joe Biden can’t ratify this treaty on his own. For that, he needs approval from the United State Senate. 


After you’ve signed your petition, please consider making a generous donation of $17.76, $25, $50 or $100 to help us POUND the Senate with calls, emails, and petitions against this treaty! 

Between this fight, the ongoing battle to defeat the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ in the Senate, and the General Election looming right around the corner, we are facing more fights than we can afford to battle back against unless gun owners like you continue to stand with us. 

So please make a generous donation right away so that we can continue fighting for you! 

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For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association


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