Urgent: Bogus Legal Attack Could Shut Us Down Forever!

If I had told you, ten years ago, that by 2023 the sitting United States President would use the ‘justice system’ to try to stop a political rival, you would have laughed at me.

It would have been utterly inconceivable.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we’ve witnessed over the last six months, the weaponization of our ‘justice system.’   

After spending almost $75,000,000 installing Leftist prosecutors across America, George Soros is now unleashing them on President Trump from Manhattan to Atlanta to Miami.

Their goal is obvious: do everything possible to defeat Joe Biden’s top opponent in the 2024 presidential election cycle.

But that’s not their only goal. The Left is also sending a message to gun owners and anyone else who opposes their agenda to destroy America: if we can attack Trump, we can attack you!

(Hunter Biden gets no jail time for a felony gun crime!)

And it doesn’t matter if you think that Trump is guilty as sin, innocent as a lamb, or somewhere in between.

This isn’t about Trump.

It’s about a ‘justice system’ that decides who to target not based on what someone has allegedly done, but based on who that person knows.

Because that’s exactly how things work in Biden’s America.

Just take the case of Hunter Biden.

If you or I posted pictures of ourselves smoking cocaine online while stating on a 4473 firearm form that we are not an unlawful user of drugs, we would be headed to prison for several years.

But because Hunter’s father happens to reside in the White House, he was allowed to plead guilty to this and then enter a pretrial diversion program and avoid any prison time whatsoever!

More than that, days later, Hunter Biden attended a State Dinner at the White House with the Prime Minister of India!

This double standard is appalling. And it’s sent the loud message that the Biden Crime Family is above the law, while reminding all of us that the Left can come after any one of us.

Sadly, that goes doubly true for state level gun rights organizations that are working to stop gun control!

Drunk on power after seeing the DOJ drag President Trump into court, state Attorneys General, state Secretaries of State, and Leftist lawmakers are declaring open season on gun groups.

In Washington State, the Secretary of State is trying to close the doors of the Second Amendment Foundation, angry that they are suing to block the state’s new AR-15 ban.

In Tennessee, where Gov. Bill Lee is trying to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ right now, Democrat lawmakers are trying to silence Tennessee Gun Owners for lobbying against the bill.

In Georgia, after Georgia Gun Owners passed Constitutional Carry last year, the Senate Rules Chairman vowed to use his contacts to spark a criminal investigation against the group.

And in Wyoming, the Secretary of State recently tried to silence Wyoming Gun Owners by giving them an ultimatum: stop attacking gun grabbers or give us a list of your members!  

Each one of these ‘investigations’ is motivated by power hungry politicians (or worse, unelected bureaucrats) who want to use the power of their office to silence political opposition to make it easier for law abiding gun owners to be disarmed.

Even if the organizations above prevail, it will consume massive amounts of time and money to clear their names.

Honestly, I think that’s the goal of these ‘investigations’ in the first place. 

Just by forcing the organization to shift focus from fighting for gun rights to fighting to prove their innocence from bogus ‘charges’ the Radical Left wins.  

And that’s why I think it’s only a matter of time before the NYS Firearms Association is hit with a bogus legal fight.

You see, NYSFA members are THE REASON why Kathy Hochul didn’t pass her mental health exam for gun owners last session. NYSFA members are also hammering away at Hochul in Federal Court, and we’re the ones pushing for Stand-Your-Ground law!

Hochul and her allies want to muzzle us — fast.

And they know the easiest way to do that is to burden us with bogus legal attacks that take away time and money.

Before that happens, I need to hear from you.

That’s why I’ve prepared a brief three-question NYS Firearms Association Member Ballot that I hope you will fill out right away — telling me how to address this threat.


This is a member driven organization. It always has been.

If (and presumably when) we are hit with another legal attack that would limit our ability to fight to stop gun control in Albany, how should I proceed?

But before you complete your member ballot, I want to explain to you just how nasty S-4126 is, and how devastating it would be for gun owners in New York State if it becomes law.

Simply put: S-4126 is Kathy Hochul’s endgame.

This legislation would force gun owners to submit to a state-administered mental health exam each and every time we want to buy a firearm!

Obviously, no gun owner wants a criminally deranged person walking around carrying a gun. But there is already a process in place to deal with people like that.

Just consider the facts.

Under current law, those who exhibit ‘warning signs’ can already be detained by law enforcement — at a minimum -– and can be taken to a care facility for treatment if necessary.

But this legislation has nothing to do with attempting to help individuals who need mental health treatment.

No, S-4126 is about giving Governor Hochul the ability to disarm law-abiding New Yorkers for no reason whatsoever.

Specifically, this bill would allow Governor Hochul to weaponize ‘mental health staffers’ across the state and instruct them to deny your right to buy a firearm for just about any reason they want!

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve not been charged with a crime!

It wouldn’t matter if you have a spotless record!

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve been a gun owner for decades!

That’s because this legislation isn’t about public safety. It is simply a tool for power-hungry tyrants like Kathy Hochul to use as she tries to break the backs of gun owners in New York State once and for all.

Tyrannical dictators have been labeling political opponents as ‘mentally defective’ as a way to punish them for centuries.

Former Russian leaders Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev imprisoned countless people who disagreed with their Communist agenda, leaving them in prison or labor farms or worse…

China’s Chairman Mao did this too, denying people who questioned him the right to vote, travel, and much more, claiming that they were mentally defective.

And now Governor Hochul — who is as evil as any of the

names mentioned above — is trying to do the same thing: use the results of a politically motivated mental health test against gun owners who disagree with her agenda.

This is the very definition of tyranny! 

As things stand today, I intend to throw ALL of NYSFA’s political muscle into fighting to stop S-4126 (while maintaining our legal battle with Hochul) next session.


Some have asked about fighting to overturn S-4126 in court. We would certainly fight there, too. But that would take years. It’s better to stop this now, in Albany.)

But the gun-grabbers know this, and if they drop one of these legal attacks on us, we’re going to be in trouble.

After the expensive 2023 legislative session and our mounting legal fees, we simply don’t have the time/money to mount a massive grassroots campaign against S-4126 AND defend ourselves against a bogus legal attack on our organization.

So I need you to tell me what to do. The way I see it, we have three different options.

OPTION #1:   Should I ignore the likelihood of a legal assault on the NYSFA, hope for the best, and put all of our resources into battling mental health gun control?

OPTION #2:   Should I just give in to the threats that will likely come from these gun-grabbers, pause our program to oppose Hochul’s agenda, and focus our resources on defending against these legal threats? 

OPTION #3:  Or should I fight back on all fronts? Meaning do everything we can to stop S-4126 while ALSO preparing to defend ourselves from bogus ‘investigations’ that are designed to silence us?

I know what I want to do. I want to fight like hell to stop Hochul’s mental health gun control agenda!

But I don’t have millions of dollars sitting around in the bank like BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg and his pals do and this organization isn’t funded by a mega-donor.

The NYS Firearms Association is funded by grassroots gun owners from Jamestown to Plattsburgh and everywhere in between; ferocious defenders of freedom who know that the next generation of gun owners is counting on us to hold the line for them!

But you should know that OPTION #3 just really isn’t an “option” without a massive and IMMEDIATE influx of funds from the members and supporters of the NYS Firearms Association.

So if this is the option you choose, won’t you please agree to your most generous contribution of $100 or more today?

I know that’s asking a lot, but the stakes couldn’t be higher. Hochul is committed to disarming every single one of use with this Stalin-esque legislation!

I believe we can defeat this legislation. We must defeat this legislation! But it’s not going to be easy. And it’s going to be much harder if we’re distracted by a bogus legal attack.

So if $100 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $75, $50, $25 — or whatever you can afford — right away?

This legal attack could land at my door at any moment, and we can’t afford to be caught flat footed. I need to hear from you right away!

Please fill out your New York State Firearms Association Member Ballot IMMEDIATELY.

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. With the Biden White House destroying the rule of law in this country by using the DOJ to attack political rivals while they allow Hunter Biden to walk on felony gun crimes, things are unraveling fast.

President Trump isn’t the only one being attacked by the Left, state level gun rights organizations are, too!   

That’s why I expect the NYSFA to be hit with another bogus legal attack at any moment!

The Left knows that by forcing us to spend money and time defending against these attacks, it will take away money and time we need to stop gun control!


Please fill out the New York State Firearms Association’s Member Ballot right away. And when you’re finished, please make a generous donation to help us fight for you!