URGENT: Help Stop the ATF’s War on Pistol Braces!

The ATF is taking a wonderful beating in the news and on Capitol Hill lately, and if we fight even harder, we may be able to STOP their attack on AR-15 pistol braces, as well!

Over the last few months, David Chipman, Biden’s nominee to lead the ATF, has taken such a political beating that Chuck Schumer couldn’t convince a single Republican to advance his nomination through committee.

At the same time, 48 Republican Senators signed a letter that was sent to the ATF, DOJ, and the White House just yesterday, calling on the Biden Administration to BACK OFF of these critical accessories!

This rare show of political backing for the Second Amendment has prompted a similar show of force in the House. While their letter has not been released yet, already HUNDREDS of Congressional leaders have added their names.

This is happening for one reason: gun owners across the country are FIGHTING LIKE HELL to save their freedoms and crush the ATF’s bitter attacks on the Second Amendment!  

But we need to take this fight up a notch, until the heat on the politicians in Congress is WHITE HOT.  

Sign your petition against the ATF’s unconstitutional attack on the AR-15 pistol brace, so the politicians in D.C. know where you stand!


Joe Biden’s goal of crushing our Second Amendment through a massive legislative agenda is being shredded by millions of gun owners who are standing up for freedom — reminding the politicians of the electoral horrors that await them if they attack our freedoms.

That’s why China Joe has turned to the ATF, hoping that he can get this scandal-ridden disaster of an agency to advance gun control through regulation, bypassing Congress all together.

But with hundreds of pro-gun lawmakers in D.C. standing up against this attack — in direct response to the massive number of calls and emails they are receiving from gun owners like you — even this strategy is in danger!

Make no mistake: Biden’s war on gun owners is taking body shots from you and me, but this behemoth of tyranny is not down, yet.

Demand that Senators Schumer and Gillibrand (and your Congressman) leave our Second Amendment freedoms the hell alone, or watch their majority burn to the ground during the elections next year.

Gun owners are holding the line, we are gaining ground, and vulnerable Senate Democrats across the country are getting nervous. But we need to keep our foot on their necks!


It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a pistol brace, if you don’t know what a pistol brace does, or even if you think pistol braces are a cheap gimmick.

The days of gun owners only getting involved in political fights that directly impact the guns and accessories that they already own are over. That was a failed tactic that the NRA used to divide the gun rights community.

These days, every gun owner in America knows that if Joe Biden can take away one gun, he’s going to come for them all. If he can regulate one accessory out of existence, he’s going to try to do that to them all.

We’re in this fight together! For OUR freedoms! For OUR children’s freedoms! And to make sure that this beautiful country remains a place where the people rule the government, not where the government rules the people!

So help us build up the grassroots heat in Congress until it’s WHITE HOT, so that every single gun grabber in D.C. knows that gun owners are the strongest fighting force in America — and that we will hold them accountable!


After you sign your petition, DONATE.

We are using every tool that we have to build pressure in Congress, but we need your help to maintain this fight.

Our fight for freedom isn’t bankrolled by liberal trashballs like Michael Bloomberg or George Soros. It’s supported by fierce patriots like you who know that there is no re-do on freedom! Please send as much money as you can, NOW! 

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Every generation has to stand up for freedom. Sometimes that means confronting evil dictators on the other side of the globe. These days, that means confronting an evil dictator in our own White House!

Stand with us NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association